Fix the damn servers already!

WOW talk about not giving a damn, like 75% disconnection. Im unsubbing to gamepass. Enough is enough. LAME


Damnit, I fixed them this very morning…

…they broken again?

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actually I am starting to wonder if going through game pass vs XBOX gold pass makes differnce.

I am pretty sure it’s P2P.

I’m with you 100% between disconnects and crap lobbies it’s rare to have a fun match. I’ve got my settings to lowest ping and I was still put in a lobby today where I was the only person under +100 (ranked match) then about midway I spiked to over 500. I’m sick of connecting to people on the other side of the world because TC can’t establish better data centers for them. Like sorry to those people but why should my connection suffer for it. I’d also like to know why the person with the crappier connection seems to fair better like they’re rewarded for having a crap connection. This has hands down been the best update to the game gameplay wise thus far but it’s moot if you can’t play.

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