Fix the damn flash bang lock on my screen

I’m so tired of getting the flash bang fixed on my screen THE WHOLE MATCH. It happens when I’m spectating and someone else gets flashed just as I spawn. It’s so ■■■■■■ annoying when I get in sweaty games and that ■■■■ happens. I can’t see ■■■■. PLEASE FIX THIS POS ISSUE.


I’ve raised this issue multiple times yet no one seems to care .

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Me and my wife were playing Horde on split screen one time and this (I think it’s the same /similar to your situation) happened to her from wave 30-32 and it lasted the rest of the duration of the Horde match.

We tried a few things to try and fix this, like letting her die and then picking up her tags and reviving her, getting hit by the flash bang again and something else as well I believe. Nothing worked.

She then stopped playing after a few waves because it was hurting her eyes (and mine if I looked at her side of the screen for too long). So, she remained idle and I occasionally moved her controller or used her to revive us if we were down. It’s only happened the once but it definitely ruins the whole match.

Another major issue that needs to be resolved.