Fix the broken progression ranking system

So you win and rank up , reach a certain tier level. The Progression bar stays there at 100% for 3-5 hours. You could win the next 100 games but its always going to end up either at 33% or 40%. This is plain ridiculous. SO many people here talking and giving their feedback and not a single response on fixing this unfathomable logic of ranking for the Gears Players or Hardcore Fans. Its just not right on how you respond to the fans or the game…

Not always true.

My first diamond level was 84% after the promotion.

I don’t know how all of the movement and percentages work on the backend but I just wanted to throw it out there that occasionally it doesn’t just spit you into 33 or 40.

It actually always will, but each rank is different.

  • Onyx 2 => 33%
  • Onyx 3 => 40%
  • Diamond 1 => 83%
  • Diamond 2 => 50%
  • Diamond 3 => 50%
  • Diamond 4 => 40%
  • Diamond 5 => 33.33%

I don’t remember the rest but you get my point.

However you are right that sometimes you will go from 100% to say 60%, when it is usually 40% for that rank. The only time this happens is when your 100% actually promoted mid game and at the end of the game, you get from 40% to 60%. But you just never checked your percentage during the game.

So, when you got to 84% immediately, it would have either updated during the game and then you only got 1% for the game you played, or it actually was 83% and you remember it 1% off.

But to OP, it’s not 3-5 hours. Your rank updates from 100% to the next tier after at most 2 hours, unless there is a weird exception where the system is delayed for some reason. There is a process that runs every 2 hours to make promotions. I think currently it’s on odd hours, so you will promote at 5am, 7am, 9am, etc. Test it if you don’t believe me.

Also relevant dev quote:

Regarding the complaint though, I complete agree. I’m assuming the reason is that they have an script that runs on a two hour period to promote people. It’s really archaic and I’m sure it’s a technical limitation that they would like to update, but don’t have the resources to do so. No one like it and it makes ranking up super slow, so hopefully they make it instant and transparent in future games.

Just a note as well, the games you play while at 100% can increase your background MMR. So if you do well in games where you’re at 100%, you’re still always going to be put at 33% or 40% or whatever it is for the rank, but you may be able to rank up faster after finally getting promoted. So the games aren’t discounted completely, but yeah it’s probably more useful to just play after you finally do get promoted.


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