Fix the alternative control issue

You can see on the link a video, why am I rolling with A when playing alternative.


Another update, another easy goal missed.

It’s beyond infuriating when it happens and the only real downside to classic-alt controls. Extra frustrating as it makes no sense it still being bound to A.

For real man it is annoying when you trying to outplay and the character decide to roll instead of going forward

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@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Sera

I’m bumping this thread up again. I already put in a support ticket and tagged you both before and no response. This issue is happening double digit times in a single match and it’s impossible to play with it. Please get this sorted out and sent to the right team because this has existed for over a year at least.

PC issues + control scheme issues… this game is a whole glitch fest.

Example of my issue:

I have Roadie Run set to LB and Tac-Com to A. It’ll start to make me reach over cover on an Up+A (LB) every time until I pause it.

Y is my revive button on Classic-ALT. I go to revive a teammate (or pick up a weapon) and I just keep pressing YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and nothing. So I figure why not try X as it’s default control schemes. Nope, XXXXXXXXX nothing and I’m dead.

I must PAUSE the game to fix these issues. Why does the game require a pause to fix it?

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