FIX suspensions!

So, you can’t fix the matchmaking, can’t fix the lobbies, can’t fix the high variable pings, cant fix the rankings… HOW ABOUT FIXING THE SUSPENSIONS AT LEAST???

I’m sick tired of finishing the every night for being banned because lobby dissolved or matched timed out then unable to rejoin!!

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This is ■■■■■■■■! I’ve been suspended 3 days in a row for 3 hours each time for lagging out or lobby issues!! Just wanna play Gears man!!! Now what the heck am I gonna do? Probably not get Gears 5 that’s for sure . Thanks for ruining a great game TC (This games Crap)

Use the link, contact the Microsoft representative as I done it already, pass your gamertag and unjust suspensions complaint, all reports are forwarded to Enforcement Team directly. The more we complain, the faster would come the solution.

If they can’t filter out poor connection players but the same time they insist on server access punishments, lets see how it ends…