Fix ranked matches

God I hate always getting 5 stacks on the other team when it’s me playing by myself what’s up with that? Oh and what’s with the Gp point reduction on elims? Why bring it down and keep the entree fee the same? It’s stupid. Coalition needs to their ■■■■ together. Don’t even get me started on the map rotation. Checkout checkout checkout check out checkout, blood drive, and foundation


yes this is the state of the situation. I am afraid that more people are leaving the game due to this


I really liked OP4 at launch, then it went downhill fast. Getting matched up with a whole team of silvers when I’m a gold 3, then playing against nearly full gold players, really fair. Then players quit when they lose. I agree the point reduction is stupid.

This one elim point is just stupid.

Lmao till they fix that im not gettin back on koth that gametype was broken already

This is just me, but I think that elimination should be 3 gp per killed and the cap on elimination should increase to 250.

Shocker, really. Never saw that coming.

Wish they would just get rid of ranked altogether so the constant whining about MUH RANK would stop.

It was also ridiculous that I maxed out at 40 eliminations. If I get 100+ Eliminations, 20 captures and 5 breaks I shouldn’t finish behind someone with 40 eliminations, 10 capture and 10 breaks.


It’s not perfect but the old system was better.

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Um…that’s you not being social…whilst others are…
This is a “you” problem, not TC’s