Fix Rank Play and the lobby i just got kick out of a game and suspended me

I was just about to start a game and it kicked me out 4 no reason at all wow than the game b4 that played with a dim 5 and he did 1 \10 wtf now my rank is messed up even more because of. this lol i stay the whole game i cant move up pass oxny 2 because.i have team mates leave because of a group of 5man sweating there ■■■ off FIX THE RANK PLZ I SHOULD HAVE DIM I HAD THE RUDY SC at 1%

If you have any feedback about the ranking system you should post them here. This will allow TC to see feedback in one place.

Also TC is aware of the disconnect and penalty issue. Unfortunately all that can be down for now is wait until they have an update.