Fix Hannah and other woman hands. Look at this lol

I know they said they fix sams big hands in op7 but they didn’t. In the customization menu and playing in horde they look normal smaller hands and fine but when playing anything in versus they look huge again. Come on TC fix this already. Look like the hulk hands. Check out Hannah.

They need those hands to grind the big steroid ■■■■■ of the males

Theres actual problems in the game that need to be fixed instead of a characters hand size.

-Game freezing when lambent spawn and die
-Enemies being completely silent and have no audio
-Enemies teleporting when tackled as Brawler

Just to name a few really annoying ones.


Eats bullets. Large hands.

I knew she was OP.



Look what I randomly came across, been playing with Viip your bestfriend lol

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I’m still haunted by the drunk messages I sent him meant for you.

Doubt he even knew what I was saying.

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probably used Google Translate and was taken back lmao

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Lol cut me to my prime but I tore one of that ******** eyes out

I’m confused

Line from happy gilmore

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sorry to let you down, been a while

"you eat pieces of sht for breakfast?"* lmao

Anyas were bigger :joy::joy: than hers

But clearly its something there end as usual.

I wonder if this will be fixed for Hana next Op :joy:

I know. They say things get fixed but never do.

Still wants to play when I’m on so I’m gucciiiii rofl

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