Fix grenade tagging against walls or the floor

Why would I look directly down with a grenade and melee if I didn’t want to plant the grenade? What else would I be trying to do in-game?

Also, why don’t meatshields save you from frags anymore? It was a perfectly good strat to pick someone up to save yourself when taking on more than 1 person with frags.


Agreed. It’s such a chore trying to plant grenades in this game.


I also noticed how annoying/terrible the planting a grenade mechanics are. Revert them back to gears of war 4, they were fine in that game. Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. No better way to describe it other than it being a chore like o GHOUL o said.

Grenades are made for throwing.

The grande sticking was the same in gears 4 and as the meat shield thing, it makes it a more realistic really, if ur holding someone and someone throws a grande at you, its gonna take you both out not just who you are holding

Exactly, very useful in certain situations:

I mostly find grenade tagging more consistent compared to gears 4. It was once of the first things I noticed that had actually improved. Maybe an update has made it more like gears 4 but I haven’t really noticed.