FIX FIX FIX FIX gears of war ultimate edition please stop ignoring us

the game was broken and you alls know that low FPS low GPU usage even if you have a monstre machine i9 10900k and RTX 3080

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This game had its time like 7 years ago.

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They’re still charging money for the game, they’re obligated to fix it


Really? Charging where

Just curious. I bought the game long time ago that’s why.

Have like 2 codes too.

The windows store

Seems like a waste of effort

I’m surprised it’s even available to be honest.

So, it’s okay if TC releases an update to Gears 5 that leaves the game unplayable for xbox users?

5 released a year ago.

UE is super old. Why would they work on something that’s almost 7 years old

Most companies discontinue after 2-3 years

I just don’t see it on this one.

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I fear the day they do it to 4 to, unfortunantly it’s just part of the business, and they aren’t obligated to keep multiplayer alive as it has a single player experience to, it’s not a free to play game so you are paying mostly for the work of the core gameplay. And also why not just play 5? We need more people over here man, just wait for the marcus fenix collection.

They aren’t obligated to keep the multiplayer alive but they are obligated to make it a fully functioning product.


The game runs at a laggy 30-45fps on high end systems. they gotta do something about it.
It’s embarrassing that a MS studio released a barely functioning product

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Do you play any other games? Like this isnt an uncommon thing, sorry to break it to you. But I dont think you will find the help you are looking for here. Play 5 or just wait for a new installment, going backwards isnt how the industry moves, so you are just fighting the tide.

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I agree don’t get me wrong.

Just don’t see them going back

Its unfair but how it is, failing to see the traction of this thread beside wishful thinking

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This is a frequent argument I see on here, I shouldn’t have to buy an xbox to play UE at an acceptable frame right. If this is the standard for the community; I’d say the devs and community deserve each other.


Maybe if the argument was 5-7 years ago.

EA cuts games off after year 2 most times.

EA the giant in the gaming industry. Cant see these dudes going back.

Tc I working very hard on 5 to please everybody. I for one am happy with gears 5 so I do not feel the need to suffer through trying to play UE. Also with the current amount of positive work going into 5 why pull resources for a game that sells less than 5 copies a year? I deserve all the effort in the $80 game I just payed for in a game series, if they would pull resources to put in UE it would be the same sided situation for them not focusing on gears 5 enough. I’ve had my issues with TC but they are in it for this trilogy at least, why make them the enemy?

I paid full price for Gears 5 too
I just want the game I paid $40 for to work. If not, TC has reached a new low.

I payed full $60 at release for EU because it was the game for that time, I feel as if I got my money’s worth. That’s all I have left to add, I’m sorry you are so caught up on UE and cant enjoy the newer installments of this franchise. Btw by this argument that you are doing epic should still be hosting servers on 1 2 and 3, which I would be 100% down for, but just still hoping you see the ilogistocal side of your point.

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The issue with the frame rate was caused by a windows update and not because of something TC did. They promised a fix but that was years ago. Zero faith on it ever being fixed.

@GuiltyCrisis & @xXARslayerXx : didn’t read all your posts but you need to keep in mind that this is not a multiplayer/server/maintenance/whatever issue, since right now you cannot play campaign with a reasonable framerate no matter the hardware you’re in. Think of Gears 2 or 3 dipping to 10-15 FPS while playing campaign.

If the game is still being sold, it should either be fixed or removed from the store.