Fix eu servers fix eu servers

How many times does this have to be said before they do it


Maybe by Christmas.

If not,

Early March time once New Years is out the way.

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doing my suede in, surely its at the top of their list aha

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As long as USA region is ok, definitely not topping any priority list.

I mean,

It’s been this way since launch.


rarely went above 30 ms on gears 4, now every game its atleast 150


In the First 2-3 weeks, after the official launch i had a really good connection. Every kill felt right.

Now I often have this I clearly shot him, why did my shots not register feeling.

Fix European servers.


Glad I got this game on the game pass and didn’t splash 80$ for it


I tried to play ranked today, no way… PING in one match is in range from 17 to 170. Imposible to play… it is so laggy!
the question is if that is some glitch or maybe lack of players…?

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It is TC thinking the world is only Canada, U.S.A., Mexico


bit of both maybe

I am so close to withdraw from Game Pass Ultimate… I am looking for any reason to stay and can’t find it. I will give them probably next two weeks and if they don’t repair the most important glitches I will resign forsure.

So long time after game launch and I still can’t play glitchy campaign and laggy versus. Shame for TC and for Microsoft twice as much.

Gears 5 is the biggest disappointment of the year!

The shotgun is actually better i think but i just couldn’t handle the server ■■■■■■■■ so didnt get much of a feel

Let’s make a mantra of it,so we can chant it together.


Yes, i am still experiencing a lot of lagg, silver surfers, getting stuck in walls, 4 hits saying 0 dmg. Etc. Etc.
Its 2019 cmon man. How is it possible to not have this under control

TDM and Koth are ok for me but escalation and execution seem to only be 100+ pings-it sucks

Yeah this does not seem fixed.
Two games last night, both on the same U.S servers. tried quick play and the event, 9/10 games were on U.S servers again . 80 odd ping in all out of region games

Dev stream mentioned it just now, they’re working on it.

I hope so

By that time most people will probably be off to better games I hope.

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Launched game after some time to check it out after updates. Constant 130-160 ping in EU. What is worst is that I have high ping in Gears 4 now too :frowning: