Fix australian servers

After 12 months, so many loyal Australian GEARS OF WAR fans have been dragged through the dirt, abandon by you and it is disgusting.

How fxxking hard is it to give us some servers, every single game 140-220 ping in ranked. Wait time have gone from unfindable to under 5minutes (positive).

Surely just some communication please, you’ve improved the game so much from your pathetic launch and even though you forsaken true gears fans you’re making improvements.

Just a die hard, heart broken gears player who wants to bounce and body kids without kids completely missing and bodying me, all the 85% shots while these scrubs not walk around like fxxking cancer.

Open for discussion just sick of it and miss gears…

Inform your aussie buddies about improvement and ask them to comeback to gears 5…search match with low ping

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As an Aussie, I can tell you that doesn’t work.

Edit: For clarity I am on PC.


It does suck lol I remember playing with some random Australian guys and I literally waited an hour for a match but still didn’t get it. I asked the guys “is this how long u guys wait?” They said “no we don’t even get multiplayer games we only get horde games” That sucks and needs to be fixed


Feel your pain. I’m in the southern hemisphere as well (South America) and the game was just dead at times. Ping? Same as you, between 155- 220.

Gears 5’s netcode is also worst than Gears 4, so even you get a match the experience is unpleasent.

I just gave up on the game. Also tired of lag in every other game mode (only regional ranked got decent ping but the only mode played here was TDM, rest are dead).
Still, I dare to say that Australia is more left aside than South America in this case.

I liked Gears and enjoyed it. Enough is enough, no hate. Since it had it’s great times :slight_smile:

Best of lucks!

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There are many who would come back if TC put forward some communication to us Southern Hemisphere players.

I played gears 3 for 5 years in aus servers! This game (which I bought the limited edition console) has been raggity at best and has taken a long time to recover. BUT they’re getting there,

I just got diamond I playing 180ping games in FFA… I just wonder the capabilities and competitiveness if it was more evenly displayed.

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I quit while ago cause this trash dev team saying matchmaking phase 3 is coming been months

Rather play warzone a game where I can actually find a match. I don’t even care about the ping
Just get me in matches

Can we get the EU servers fixed as well or at least can you actually put me on them lol. From what I can tell I havent played on EU server since the release of this game lol.

The servers are there, the problem is low population, so the matchmaking put you in another region.

I’m in Brazil and here there’s servers too, but very often I play on US East or Central due to low population.

Agreed, it must be low population.

Stuck on US servers for ranked, it’s a real shame for a game barely over a year old.

They’ve made significant improvements none the less with search times and redirecting you to other servers.
No more 15minute wait times.