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Five Things You're Looking Forward to in Campaign?

For me:
Locust/Myrrah origins
Hammer of Dawn
New swarm
JDs transformation between 4 and 5.
Fatherly Marcus!


  1. Open world
  2. Vehicle transport
  3. Story / origins
  4. Weather effects
  5. Soundtrack

Don’t know where some of the people in these forums get their information but the composer for Gears 5 is still musical genius Ramin Djawadi.

1.) The environments
2.) Kait discovering stuff about grandma
3.) Soundtrack
4.) The structure of the game and how that changes things
5.) Fahz. I like the actor for iZombie and his voice acting seems great.

Also I know he reads this forum sometimes because someone on here said his real British accent was fake and hee quoted it on twitter. Seriously, some of you make up stuff in your heads and declare it fact for some reason.

I’m honestly just hyped overall that I have seen so little of the campaign. Skipping the Gamescom trailer and any other possible campaign stuff before release too.


Yeah, I checked and you’re right. Had a stroke of some ■■■■.

All of the above :sunglasses:

Sam (pretty please)
Expanded lore
old school Locust (please)
Longer and better campaign

I’m looking forward to new CAMPAIGN in general.

First Insane then immediately Inconceivable run.

I’m hoping to do it in 2 days.

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  1. Queen Myrrah
  2. Locust Queen
  3. Myrrah
  4. Queen of the Horde
  5. Locust Origins

The story is pretty much all that’s interesting me in Gears 5…they better not mess her character up.

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Not to be nitpicky but some people believe that’s what Kait will be.

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Everything really. Just wanna know what happens, who if anyone, dies etc.

Swarm Queen, but I like your line of thought.

Well, it’s close enough. Seeing how the Swarm kinda evolved from the Locust.

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  1. be able to see the new epyhra and walking around the streets and see all those magnificent architecture and modern technology and ofcourse have some interaction with the environment and peoples and upgrade jack and other stuff , and i’m really really looking forward to see baird’s mansion .
    and i could not talking about environment and not mentioning john wallin liberto environment concept art for gears 1 , this is the foundation of gears of war identity they should build the architecture on top of this. not some random kit bashing stuff in 3d software to fill the environment.

  2. exploration kinda like destiny 2 you can comeback to certain area’s to find out about secrets and history behind the places and it will add more to the lore.

  3. introducing more character to the story , fahz is cool and great but i want to see more i mean atleast 5 or 6 new character . i don’t want them to only create negative space to introduce new characters in the book , i want to meet them for the first time in the game like marcus and tai situation in pendulum war.

4.more enemy variant like way mooore , and ofcourse i want to see sera unique creatures while we explore the
places and it will give the depth and identity to the sera different habitats.

5.deeper story and better music for god sake (gears of war 4 music was a true disaster)

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This is kinda dark,but as Kait is the true threat to Sera, maybe she will kill herself to end Myrrahs bloodline

I’d consider it more likely than letting herself be turned to the Swarm, if anything. But that’s more of a worst case scenario of sorts.

Though it has to be said, I don’t really believe TC would turn her.

1.Finding out kait turns bad
2.Hopefully getting an option to kill Kait
3. Killing Kait in this one
4.If not in 5 than hopefully killing her in 6

  1. Finding out that Griffin is alive
  2. Finding that Griffin turned into Juvie
  3. Finding that Griffin turned into Imago
  4. Marcus killing Griffin.
  5. If not in 5, then Marcus killing him in 6.
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Is the open world part real? I keep seeing it being compared to god of wars hub world but that wouldn’t make sense.

  1. Playing as Marcus again
  2. Seeing kait go through her changes
  3. Closure on Anya’s death
  4. Niles return
  5. Seeing how they handle the apparent open world

It kind of is going to be. I don’t know about the scale and I have no played God of War to compare. I just hope the open world part ends up being good. It’s the first time they’re doing this,