First official confirmation that TC is working on a new and unannounced project

“We are using Visual Studio 2019 on our next (unannounced) project and the benefits are many: faster compile/link times, more responsive UI, much more stable debugging.”

Edit: It is unlikely to be the card game that was announced unless that dev doesn’t realise it has been mentioned (

2nd Edit: Card game is physical as helpfully pointed out by @yeatersm

Article here:

Oh boy another project already.


Keep in mind it may be in its infancy and not come out for several years, especially as it is unannounced.


Interesting to say the least. I doubt it’s the fenix collection though.

If it is, I’ll sell my cat


Although unlikely I hope its a new engine, something made specifically for gears, that way it should be easy to make tools and work with.


Must remember this for the future in the unlikely event it is

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True. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what they do, in the future anyway

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Give us some new IP.

I imagine TC would be working solely on Gears related projects and other MS owned studios would be the ones creating new IP (I could be wrong though :slight_smile:)

I feel like eventually MS will have TC work on a new IP once gears finally hits its mark.

I would say judging from 5 it already has but 6 is definitely happening and I can already see the Fenix collection happening between that and maybe one last spin off title for 6 IF MS thinks it’s worth it which I doubt.

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TC was reorganized specifically to make new Gears games so that is probably the case for them. I would hope that isn’t always so. I see potential in them outside of Gears.

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i hope it isn’t gears 6, as we had heard that microsoft will be putting gears on somewhat of a hiatus.

i rather it be the rumored perfect dark reboot? is TC tasked with that?

maybe TC can hit with something other than gears, like Respawn with Apex.

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Wait, where did we hear this?

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it was from one of those twitter guys that leak inside information, so it is far from anything official. i think shadowz mentioned it when he talked about the possibility of gears 6 coming out in 2023/2024 rather than earlier and that’s where i might have gotten it from.

it was around the time Rod left TC and those insiders started talking. I mean, i took it with a grain of salt seeing as to how it was easy to say with all the changes that were happening at TC.

I would take it as people speculating for views, giving their thoughts on the situation which is fine for them to do but I doubt they would know Microsoft’s schedule for releases.

The card game is a physical game, with real cards not a digital one.

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Thank you. Do you have a source? (Not because I don’t believe you but want to have as much info as possible in the OP)

I do wonder though after TC has made/licenced Tactics and Pop whether they would expand into a digital card game.

Edit: Found it. Tyler Bielman who is leading the card game was also the TC person leading Pop.

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Gears of War studio The Coalition is partnering with tabletop specialist Steamforged Games to create a tactical card game based on the Gears universe. You may know Steamforged Games as the makers of Dark Souls: The Card Game as well as Dark Souls: The Board Game, both well-received tabletop adaptations.


Yay, yet another thing TC is putting resources into instead of fixing their main focus title(s).

Can’t help but only feel that when I read these things, even if it sounds like it could be something that is a software program or whatever. Not that I have much trust in such things with TC when we have stupid things like lack of the combat action(melee) over mantling over cover while running, or the $@&#% 180° turn backwards roll after a melee so you roll into the enemies instead of away from them.


How much?