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First match..Mexico

Come back after couple days to see how gears is doing see if I can get a good match and play a game or two. Nope. Invasion. Everyone’s on the wrong server cept for me and maybe 2 other ppl. Lol

Well, most people seem to set their connection towards NA, but some of them are just lagging so i can tell it’s because they think the Mexico servers are dead.

Pretty sure its the matchmaking/servers what decides where ppl connect. So its not their fault the ping is increased.

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You do realize that Mexico doesn’t have servers so they connect to the closest one? You could blame americans for not playing the game or Microsoft for not putting servers on Mexico.

Take a look at the chat in any given stream and you’ll see almost everyone speaking spanish. You could even say english speakers are the ones “invading”.


In Whole Southamerica there are like 4,5 players, all in Brasil server, because there is a server in Brasil!

besides, what is the problem!? most players in South speak/write English in chat

it’s a game, what is the problem!? chill, have fun

Ping? I don’t mind ping
nobody cares about ping

I am in southamerica, I have 600 hours in Gears 5, never, ever saw a word in spanish in the chat or voice chat,
only English

it’s good that there are many people playing the game , don’t u think?

We are all gears in the COG machine :slight_smile:

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Wrong server? The only LATAM server is in Brazil. The closest servers for mexicans are in US.


US players are the best, so why worry?

they will always defeat other teams and achieve victory in Horde

it’s an honour and awesome to play Horde in the same team with them :slight_smile:

No one cares about ping? Do you think it’s a fair game going against pings in 120 range when you are at a 10-20?


I noticed anyone who has a ping above 100 no matter what team they are on makes the match less enjoyable for me. Takes me at least a round to figure out how to compensate for what ever issue is going on.


hahahhaha look man … since you’re my friend I wont be angry at you :slight_smile:

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It’s like playing a chess game where the opponent has the ability to make two turns to your 1 turn.

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Did they allocate a server for Mexico?? Last I knew, NA servers covered… North America. And, they were all in the states.

I don’t think they did, I just think the South of the border player’s out number the state’s by a whole lot. As Hughed as Mexico is, even with me being in Cali. The ping on certain player’s is awful. They should have there own server.


Thats every game for me they sponge and even the ones with ok pings still sponge nothing feels right in those matches.