First impressions Pre-Release

Now we have a good grasp on what Gears 5 has to offer I feel it’s now ok to give my thoughts.

Escape: One thing gears needed was innovation from the standard formula, And escape helps bring that. Quick, 3 person rounds; opposite of horde in away as your escaping rather than defending. My only concern is map variety.

Horde: never been a huge fan and only played it as I was forced to - to acquire credits. But Gears 5 horde seems a lot more my play style as you actually have to move around the map and I love that everyone has a role, not just scout and engineer like g4. But With the addition of escape I would preferably play that instead.

Campaign: Campaign looks incredible. Sera looks as beautiful as it’s ever been with expansive and diverse terrains. And we now know that we will have light RPG elements with Jack upgrades and even side quest and more expansive collectibles. The characters and fan service is insane. Clayton and Padduk already confirmed with possibly more. The skiff looks so fun and I’m glad it’s not on rails at all.

Versus: Where as all other modes have expanded and innovated, versus is still the same. No new game modes (beside arcade) and only 7 maps with 5 additional g4 maps for competitive and private play. Yes, we are getting free maps which is great but I am judging the game in its release state. The gameplay has been improved in many little ways but nothing huge. It is the smoothest Versus to date and, judging form tech test, has the smoothest net code. The maps, while few, all look great but I did not like how the two maps played in the Tech test. We can’t judge the rest yet.

TL;DR: All nom versus stuff looks amazing but Versus is still versus, which may be a good thing in the end as we saw with judgement but no new ranked modes? Cmon TC.

I am beyond excited for a new gears title and hope for the best post-Launch. :slight_smile: