First Impressions of Cole Train (horde/escape)

Love hearing his lines again. Makes the game feel more like Gears.

Only at level 3 current. On advanced and lower, he is OP. You can literally run around bashing everything and getting stim to boot.

His ultimate is absolutely fun, but it’s hard to control around corners. Haven’t tried to burn a boss yet, so I’m not sure what happens.

If you have a higher level Cole or have played him on higher difficulties, what are you finding out about him so far?


Cole only seems to get better and more powerful with leveling.

Unfortunately, I’m finding Clayton to be rather weak.

I’ve got mine up to 6 so far at lunch and am liking it. Can’t wait to get off work tonight and put him through his paces.

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He’s definitely a beast.

Does the flame ultimate seem to do bleed or just the initial damage?

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I haven’t even activated it yet. I remained focused on completing escape matches in my usual way to ensure that I moved him forwards as quickly as possible. I was getting a ton of stim while running and killing things will a mobile melee so I could benefit from the DR while running card.
There’s a lot of novelty here so it’s exciting. As soon as I get him to 9th I’ll jump into an Elite level horde match where if I get him killed experimenting then he’ll be back in 3 minutes :slight_smile:

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Yeah clayton is a good tank, but not one decent damage card? for THE GRUB KILLER?

and almost all the cards for both are tied to the ultimates. I’d prefer if they gave us other ways to play with a character, not completely shoehorned into a role


Now I hope I’m wrong, but even if Clay is weaker I think hes better for a master run compared to Cole, Cole isnt gonna be able to just run around the entire time snacking swarm (he is definitely the most fun to play as lol) when they get Claws, meanwhile Clay can be a run saver on Master


Cole probably won’t be tackling many enemies on harder difficulties I’m assuming. I’m interested to see how much damage his burning effect puts out.


From my experience not a lot, didnt do anything meaningful on Advanced passed wave 10, that being said idk if any Cole cards upgrade his burn as I havent bothered to look since it wont give me xp for him

I’ve got Cole up to 9th level now and I haven’t gotten any unlocks or cards since 5th. Lots of new bugs and server instability. IDK how many times I’ve gotten killed from lag teleporting me all over the map

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Ah, yes. Lag. The melee characters’ worst enemy… other than the randomly teleporting Rejects, Sires and Juvies.

Does anyone here think Cole will actually be much of any use of fun to play on the higher Horde difficulties? As with the other melee characters I suspect he’ll be lacking in efficiency compared to the characters which have more focus on ranged combat.

I crush in inconceivable escape when I have under a hundred thousand ping so at least there’s that

Literally not at all.

Was playing Frenzy on Master earlier, and our Cole quit after a handful of botched attempts to use his ultimate. The guy kept rushing them and died almost instantly. Every. God. Damn. Time.

On Master? No, hes probably the most fun to play as imo though. He could be useful still on Advanced maybe once hes a high level

what level was he? because he needs his buffs to stay up long enough to devastate

I suspect Cole could be fun but I currently haven’t got plans to try him out. I haven’t even managed to max Lahni out, dammit(maybe I should play Lizzie less when I do jump into Escape on my days of free time). The whole skill leveling business just feels too tedious with the RNG drops. And there’s also the character leveling itself needing to be done. I also feel like if the melee character doesn’t have some serious survivability skills for meleeing enemies it’s more often than not just frustrating to play that character.

I do wonder - is it just predictable or did TC inspire themselves from some forum posts when people theorized what Cole’s abilities and ult might turn out to be? It is remarkably close to what I have seen on here by some posters.


It makes sense with his character, I need to level my Cog Gear 2 more then its Clay’s, idk when I’ll do Cole though

Cole’s melee attack is VERY slow! I can see Juvies absolutely ravaging him.


Cole gets fire damage on active reloaded weapons (25% chance max I believe) with his character L5 card (forgot the name of the card). Firing a lancer and claw and switching back and forth between them getting an active on each weapon before you fire the gun and he sets the world on fire. Save the ult for overrun situations and play smart and Cole would absolutely be a worthy damage dealer on any difficulty, including master. Running around and bashing enemies is awesome fun, but his real value is in the active reload fire damage imo.

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Maybe, but personally, when you have a character built around the melee aspect… to then use the character only for ranged combat? It’s a bit eh if you ask me. But to each their own, I’m sure some will also find it fun to just burn their enemies to death with weapons.