First Impressions of Clayton Carmine (Horde/Escape)

Havent started leveling mine at the moment, just felt Clay deserves his own thread too

Mine is Level 14 at the moment.

I don’t know how Priority Target works. It’s supposed to taunt attacking enemies off team mates but how? Marking? Shooting them? When they become alert? I haven’t figured it out yet.

Concussive Explosives is useful with GL, Boomshot, Frags and Salvo on The Clock. It would stun them, currently for 2.5 seconds for me.

Heavy Shell is useful for deflecting explosives and Buzzkill. I asked a team mate to shoot me with Salvo and it deflected back at him! I want to try two Clayton Carmines, shooting each other while in Ult. It should deflect endlessly.

Phoenix Armour is basically Stim when starting the match or Act (I think). So I seem to be getting Stim in-between safe rooms.

Team Resist is very useful as it seems to give team mates up to 90% damage reduction during my Ult. When team mate shoot me during my Ult and deflects back to them, they barely take any damage.

Ultimate Battery seems to work by me taking damage so everyone within 10 metres should get Ult cooldown. But I want to try out and see what happens if a team mate shoots me, whether that would speed up everyone’s Ult.

Grace Period seems to be Clayton being invincible when revived for few seconds. It might work with Jack healing beam him in Horde, so Clayton can act like some mobile decoy. Could work well with Ultimate Battery and Jack healing beam him.

Heavy Charger seems to lean towards Mulcher / Tri-Shot build to recharge Ult so I haven’t used that yet. It’s probably for Horde.

Sole Survivor doesn’t get much use unless playing solo.

Clayton’s Legendary does bleed damage when deflecting anything. I’m not at Level 16 yet to try it out.

I haven’t tried Cole yet, he’s Level 1.

Clayton’s Ult does seem useful in situation where I need to revive both my team mates in Escape. When I’m being pinned down by two Claw Drones, I tried getting out of cover and used Ult, and both Drones downed themselves.

Edit: I’m not sure how Bait Armour works. If I have a team mate shoot me full clip at beginning of Escape, would that give me temporary damage reduction or permanent?


He’s not fun to play as a lower level atm. I think mine is 5 or 6. No weapon buffs and the ult lasts a very quick 5 seconds. Maybe with max cards something better will emerge. He’s kind of one of those characters I wanted to like, but now I’m not sure if I’ll go through the grinding of leveling him up.

Waiting to hear when someone pops it on a boss like the swarmak. Does it return the rocket barrages?

Theoretically, it should. It would be very interesting on Kestrel and miniguns too. Kestrel rockets. What about Snatcher’s quill and Matriarch’s spike? A Carrier’s cankers could be launched back if counted as projectile. I’m not sure what would happen if team mate launched a GL rocket at me, during my Ult. And what would happen if Cryo Cannon is launched on Clayton, whether it would freeze Ice Scions back.

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Inquiring minds want to know.

Before the grind preferably :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Wow excellent breakdown. I have only used Cole so far and his potential to be a lifesaver in Horde and Escape is up there with Clayton’s.

Also, I wonder if the bleed from the ult affects teammates in Escape.

As far as I’m aware bleed does not work in allies when I have hit teammates unintentionally wandering into my line of fire when I was Mac and using the Boltok. Never seen it work on them, which I think is good.

The bleed doesn’t affect team mates, I think. It wasn’t ticking down or anything, on their HP.

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I had a Salvo Scion fire at me, and blew themselves up as a result. It was awesome.


When there’s Elites and two Buzzkill Scions in 2nd Act, that seems to be best place to use the Ult. Running in blind, towards the Boomshot Supply room. (The Clock).

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I got him on level six and I got to say its very disappointing. I know it’ll get better once I level up but they got Clay set up to be no better than a decoy that can move and shoot. This is the Grub Killer we’re talking about, not the Bullet Sponge. He needs more offensive abilities

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Agreed. Honestly they should remove the movement speed boost and replace it with heavy weapon damage. Additionally add a card that specializes him in heavy damage.

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I have played as Clayton in Escape only so far. I prefer Horde, but in my experience Escape is far superior for leveling Characters and attaining cards. I have him ranked up to level 8. So far, I have found his cards underwhelming but I do see that Concussive Explosions looks like a good card. Team resist and cards that reduce ultimate cooldown read as the next best to me, but I haven’t reached those yet.

These two seem too situational be be worth anything but scrap (though aren’t worth that yet)
Ice Armor – While Clayton is freezing, he will take 25% less damage.
Freeze Resist – Time to freeze Clayton is 90% slower.
Exception: TC makes a Hive or Horde Event that gives all enemies Chryo canons.

Grace Period – Receive 3s of immunity upon being revived.
Does being picked up from downed activate this? or only a full revive from tags / larva sack?

So far, I am enjoying Cole much more than Clayton.

The fact that Clay has no health increase perks or cards bothers me. Not a very good tank. He can barely take enough damage to recharge his Ult without going down.
I do enjoy playing as him for the fact its him, if you remove the character and left the class, it’d be a straight up no.
Having something akin to Cole’s Perk Up and Marcus’s Last Ditch would to me, be an improvement.
On top of that, his ult needs to last longer.

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Can’t believe he’s got like zero offensive abilities. I thought for sure he’d get a bunch of heavy weapon cards.

All tanks should have health upgrades in horde, that should be a given. Why even class him as a tank? Movement speed, what?

I think it works for me him, given that he and heavy weapons go well together. Being able to move quickly with them, given his size seems pretty based.
I’d drop the ammo pouch perk, and give him health instead.

For Horde you’re probably huddled in a base of some sort and the last thing someone carrying a turret should be doing is flying around the map. lol

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Idk I love his active tank mechanics I currently run reflective barrier ,bait armor, concussive explosive dmg,taunt card, and ult dmg buff for teammates. His damage mitigation could be better though once you start dumping power in speed up grade I buy shotty and run around literally picking horde off. A damage buff would be nice too.

It’s useful in certain instances of base huddling, especially with some engineers who are less than competent builders.
Regardless! His cards are still pretty meh, as are his perks. He needs changes and I’d welcome most.

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I’m shocked people have not exploited cog gear’s updated stim card and his existing fortification repair card.

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