First Gears 5 Campaign Trailer / Sneak Peak Looked Awsome!

So TC just showed a new trailer from Gears 5 Campaign and it looks amazing!

So much energy and character from JD, Del, Kait and Fahz!

Wish they showed it at E3 :sweat_smile:


Well, I guess if those kinds of things now start circulating on the forums I’ve got to take my leave and isolate myself from the forums if I want to not be spoiled about stuff. Until Gears 5 comes out, that is, and I’ve played the Campaign.


It was an early Cutscenes.

Interesting because the characters looked more like 4 than the trailer we got last year.

So. Campaign will be one hell of a ride!

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I theorize that it’s probably a flashback or something. A past scene shown to tell us more(I haven’t actually seen it, was just pointed out to me earlier that Kait still had her Gears 4 appearance).

It’s from early Campaign.

Here it is for anyone interested:

Interesting indeed. Do you remember the thread (customisation one?) I mentioned that the avatars would be the same as 4 due to RAAM being a carry over. I’m sure another formite (not you, you posted something else) scoffed when I said that… We will find out soon enough.

Regarding the clip, I like :slight_smile:

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The clip was good.

The story may truly be expansive if we will see such a difference.

12+ hour campaign with replay value :+1:


I’ll likely play it once or twice a year :+1:

Is that confirmed then. I thought is was 20 x bigger?
Our campaigns are usually 8-12 on Hardcore.
I was hoping for 20 hours at least. But I suppose if it is quality with little repetition then that would be fine.

I just wanted more I suppose. Thinking Uncharted 4 length, bare in mind that has a load of mp modes as well including Horde.

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Heck I’m just speculating. It’s what I’m hoping for though. Mutators are definitely in Escape. Could see them in the campaign too. I hope bigger means in all ways and not just map areas to explore. A meaty campaign with a fleshed our story is a must.

I’ll play once for sheer story value and again for the collectibles.


Uncharted 4 was a master piece in SP.

I think it unfair to hold Gears to THAT level,

Just because it has such a robust MP and Horde mode and now also, an Escape mode and map builder.

But it’s sure a good game to hold as a benchmark.

Just saw this cutscene in another topic. Good to finally have an English accent in the game (excluding the Queen obviously), I like him already.

This looks actually very good and it also confirms, that JD will be playable in the campaign.
You can see this in the last 2 seconds. The camera flows behind JD´s back, returning to gameplay mode, similiar to what you see in games like GTAV and God of War.

I´m pumped. The dialoge, while still blantery, was much more Gears-esque in my opinion. Motion Capture is on point and it looks like they will put a bigger focus on story-telling this time. They should have probably shown this at E3. It kinda is an indicator that the story-telling might be much better this time around. But we´ll have to wait and see.

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Cant wait to see how good this looks on our RIGS.


Uncharted 4 was indeed a masterpiece, but lets not forget that is also has versus MP as well. So it’s not the craziest comparison.

However, with that being said and uncharted being mentioned… did anyone else get huge Uncharted (specifically Nathan Drake) vibes in JD’s face when Fahz cheap shot him?

Hi mate
That is why I used it. A huge campaign and loads of multiplayer options and customisation and emotes and…so on, Let us not forget it is also 3 years old!

I hope he says " I will cut your Jacobs off" at some point :wink: :smile:

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The whole game stays within the game.

No more watching video and then coming back to the game.

Never liked the Uncharted MP.

Felt it was bland and easily forgettable.

Hence my point :+1: