First game as Engineer in Custom Games, Op 4. (excluding Forum Buddies games)

So, last night had my first ever game in OP 4 with randoms. It was going great, right up until Wave 42, when from nowhere some bright spark decided to build a Barriers and a MG Sentry. There was already a load of Barriers out, and Sentries. I had the base designed to protect the Team, and Sentries out, a sort of protect the protectors protecting the Team sort of base.
It was working well, very well. Everything was set so i was not killing everything, making sure the Team was safe, even when they were going down, they were safe. In fact at one point one went down, another went to help, and for a bout a minute or two, they were picking each other up, all the time my Sentries were keeping the enemy Shocked or in cover.

Said person was warned, then booted.

Because The Coalition on their infinite wisdom opened up the Fabricator to everyone, does not mean they can use it in a Custom Game. I hate using the iron fist on people, but they have a Role to play in the game, in the Team, if they fail in their Role, someone else will. And they did.

50 Waves started and finished. It was a good game, it was a good Base, and no one complained.
Job done.

I was a little worried that more people would be wannabe Engineers, but it really was a good game, except for one little incident.


Usually by wave 40+ the base is built, people have perks maxed and everyone is depositing. By then money usually isn’t an issue even if you don’t have a Jack smelting. If money is good and were near the end I don’t mind people adding something to my design. On higher difficulties if someone wants something most people usually ask the engineer to build it because of the cost. Lower difficulties, from my experience, tend to have a higher concentration of solos who don’t work together and do their own thing.

Last night I was in a masters run as Baird. At like wave 44 our Paduk bought a lancer GL and a Breaker Mace. For what purpose I do not know. Maybe he was messing around or experimenting but it was acceptable because at that point. We had a surplus of money that it wasn’t hurting anything. Had he done that before I got the lockers and barriers setup, I would have probably left that lobby.

Paduk can bleed gl but breaker mace i don’t know , I need to try to see if it bleed but forPaduk to bleed you need spray so it’s hard to go full melee

In the games I have played people are leaving the repairing and building for the engineer for the most part. The only time I’ve noticed people not doing this is when people dont really know what they are doing in a inconceivable/master run in general.

If people dont get what they want they either put something in the text chat or they leave the majority of the time.

May as well give Lizzie a repair tool and retire the engineers. I can’t think of worse role now. Engineers job is to use the chat box to ask Lizzie for barriers. Some allow her to build turrets too. I felt sorry for the eng on checkout last night, he ended up just hiding and going afk.

Even perks wouldn’t save him, By the time it’s allowed to spend on perks the base is set.

I don’t know why people insist on people depositing right away and then building a ton of barriers on wave 1-10. Unless you are buying a forge because you have Jack, there really is nothing to be gained by buying any forts until you’ve got through 10 waves, killed the boss and seen where the first tap is. All building early does is waste energy - especially if the first boss is a Matriarch or Swarmak who destroys all your forts instantly - limit the rest of the team from investing in health and strength perks, and potentially make you have to move everything after 10 waves.

I don’t understand the people who build a forge when there is no Jack. We get like 20-40 energy a gun. The forge costs 15k with power drain. You know how many guns would have to be smelted for that to pay for itself?
20 X 5 = 100
That’s not even including the cost if you want to upgrade it.

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A Baird did this on a Master Checkout game. Wave 30 and your 2 biggest damage dealers haven’t got weapon lockers.

Needless to say we weren’t that well set up so we had 5 elite drones on our doorstep whilst trying to take on a Snatcher.

The Baird took the Forge to level 2 as well which was the best part.