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First characters to come

Surprise surprise the first fcking character update are the ones that were already on the game… woohoo, still no Clayton tho that one will come next year because you know, money
I still don’t understand the point of waiting 3 months for characters that were in the game since launch, and don’t say “becoz making the horde cards and abilities is hard” because swarm characters don’t have that sh
t and still no sign of new swarm characters until 2020


Yeah I agree that the whole they need to balance the cards/abilities before releasing new characters is a bit sketchy. They could easily just dump them in versus and tell us that the Horde version of the characters will be coming later.

They’re just drip feeding them to us so that we keep coming back for years.


So these come next week? Either way, I think I can have maxed out all characters and Level 5 cards for Escape by then. I would be ready.

That’s a better lineup than I expected to be honest

I dont know why they just didn’t launch with every character , so you will have a nice pool to pick from. Then they could release new skins for the characters, but if TC was a good company all the characters would of been released on launch. I mean majority of every character in the gears universe. Maybe have some rare characters to work for. Like ones that were only in one game like Thai , and in gears one the commander before Marcus took over forgot his name

That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying. Just throw them in versus, and wait a while before they’re balanced for Horde and Arcade.

How horrible of TC to want to keep players engaged with their game over time!

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There are better ways to "engage"us.


Lizzie Carmine, Paduk, and…random Gear?

Give us OG Delta squad, dammit!


And how horrible would it be of them if they released engaging content rather than base skins to keep us coming back? :thinking:

Onyx Guard.

Ah, kinda hard to tell from the pic.

It’s the New Era version.

Finally Lizzie. I can’t speak for anyone else but it was love at first sight for me. Can’t wait to get my hands on her.

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Isn’t this that screenshot from like July of this year? Not the “next characters”?

Bro, that sounds off, lol.



Yeah but clearly in the best way. I only have totally nefarious ideas in mind :crazy_face: LoL.

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For a moment I thought that was Clayton Carmine but after looking at it again it doesn’t look like him.

Are these characters coming out next week?