Fire n Ice 2 supporter

Should I buy the Fire n Ice Supporter Pack ? Does it come with the full set or just the lancer? It cost 9.99$ plus tax. And does the World Best s2 supporter come with the full set or just lancer aswell??

i believe it’s just the lancer gnasher and snub

When I hover over the Fire and Ice pack it says just the s2 lancer but cost 9.99 and has the full set as the picture?

Worlds best comes with the full set. Unsure about Fire N Ice

i just looked and it is all 3 skins just look at the description in the windows store

For the fire and ice?


It comes with Lancer, Gnasher, and Snub skins.

I wouldn’t waste my money on skins

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I got the Rise Nation one last month and it had all 3 load out skins plus an emblem. I’d expect the Fire and Ice to be the same. It’s the same price.

Oh you sexy ■■■■■■■ :sunglasses: Wasn’t what he was asking.

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