Finished Campaign on Insane Solo, but No Achievement?

Title says it all. I didn’t even get the achievement for completing the campaign either. Done on PC. I signed into gears 5 on my xbox to see if it might have been some sync issue, but that didn’t fix it either.

TC plz help.

EDIT: Also i have the zero collectables bug like many other people :confused:


Yeah i have this problem,also PC .

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Check out your Campaign stats. I’m certain you’re hit by the issue of Campaign not registering online that you’ve beat a Chapter(s) on Insane, even though you did.

The game is registering that I never completed Act 2, Chapters 2 and 3, period, even though I very much beat them on Insane. I really don’t want to have to grind those 2 Chapters again on Insane, having conquered it once already.

This is Master Chief Collection all over again. Why would an online server be the record-keeper of single-player progress? It’s beyond silly and the same scenario happened to me in MCC.

Same problem here. I haven’t finished yet, but just finished Act 2. If you go to chapter select, it shows they were beat on Insane, but in the Stats screen it only shows 1-3 of Act One and 1 & 5 of Act 2 being completed.

I’m curious if I go back to those chapters and do Easy mode, it might register as Insane? Since the chapter select shows the highest difficulty cleared, maybe simply clearing it again on any difficulty will push the stats through including highest difficulty cleared?

I might give that a try tonight. At least it registered me beating that damn Matriarch.

Sux bro. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon. I feel your pain.