Fingers crossed the allies xp is significantly lowered on Tues

Dana confirmed today when he started blabbing on at the end. I haven`t been this happy with TC in a long time.Being able to earn most cosmetics like gears 4. Superheros gone in OP5. Finally acknowledged escalation is the least played mode.etc. etc. etc., good stuff guys. All they needed was some internal restructuring and Bam!


We have LONG been awaiting their new version of that ally exp system. Fingers crossed we get that for OP4.


hope they keep the promise


It’s already low as is, takes like 3 days to get level 5…

Everyone`s a comedian


Sure, 3 days of non stop grinding in Coop vs AI bound to make you regret life choices and question the purpose of your existence.

So maybe take a look at it from the perspective of those who aren’t doing that or didn’t get to finish it. Like I don’t know, people just playing the game. They will be stuck on it for years in the current form.


He confirmed today they’re lowering their requirements???

He mentioned around 57:45 on today `s stream.

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Hell yes!!! My last two achievements for Gears.


They don’t have to get level 5 allies then :man_shrugging:t2: It’s not hard to sit down 2 different weekends or a full week towards a goal, I don’t regret it for one thing!

It was a very poorly designed achievement and I am just getting too old for jumping through hoops. Again, if it is not a significant change, I won`t bother.


Hopefully we will get some info about reup xp/rewards.

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It’s a mechanic rewarding those who regularly play lots of matches with their friends and allies, shouldn’t it then require you to play lots of matches with your friends and allies? To me it seems to be meant to take a long time to level up, being able to do it by 3 days of grinding seems excessively light to me. Sometimes I feel all this millennial entitlement will be the ruin of everything.

I’ve played 1200 waves of Horde, completed a co-op campaign, completed over 500 acts of escape, and won 50 versus rounds with a friend, and I’m only level 3 allies with my friend on Gears 5.

I have played 20 master Horde matches with one of my friends, and I’m barely level 3 allies. So about 55 hours of playing with him and I’m not even halfway.

Especially when the majority of the waves are on master difficulty, especially when the acts on escape are on higher difficulties, it seems like not enough.

Then you combine that system with the re-up xp system, then the card system, and it paints a picture with the game. It’s a grind for, the sake of being a grind? I don’t understand.

Yes, it maybe 3 days, but its 3 days for those going for the achievement specifically with VS, but how about those who are playing it normally?


Millenial entitlement? Please. You don’t even know how old I am. This is also a false pretense to justify the existence of an excessively grindy system. Why?

Because I have played Gears 5 quite a bit with a friend in both Horde and Escape with hundreds of waves/chapters completed respectively, with a lot of those Escape runs being on a high difficulty, and a few Campaign chapters as well. Yet I was/am only about halfway through to Level 4 with that person and all I got for it was a terrible 6% XP bonus.

So excuse me if I don’t want to have to wait to get the most out of that system until Gears 5 is about to die off, because to me the entire point of it other than the achievements I couldn’t care less about is to provide a decent bonus(currently it is negligible at best) while the game is still supported and/or active. Or in other words, reasonable game design is what I want. The same goes for Reups by the way, what’s the point in getting to 50 only when Gears 5 is about to go down the drain because Gears 6 is about to be released? You wouldn’t get any use out of it. My point isn’t to make everything super easy and effortless to obtain, I simply want it to be reasonable and obtainable for everybody and not just for the excessive grinders that turn video games into a job rather than a fun distraction.

So maybe think about things a little more before you start throwing “millenial entitlement” insults around when you don’t even know someone in person nor their age.


I know right? All you have to do is separate from your wife, and move in with your mom and maybe quit your job. Piece of cake.


How do you figure two weekends? It’s 65+ hours of the same 5 people playing Co-Op vs AI to get to level 5 allies. You really think 18 hour days straight on VS for the same 5 people for 4 days is easy? Lmfao. Just stop. It’s a ridiculous requirement. No one plays with the same 4 other people for that much time.

It should have been something that could have been achieved naturally. I’ve beaten the campaign insane, all hives escaped on master, all horde maps mastered, with the same two friends, and we’re level 3 allies almost 4. That’s beyond ridiculous.


Dana said in the stream it should be detailed in The patch notes that release on Monday…so to me it means the change SHOULD be coming right away op4


Our dentist did it for 5 day’s why can’t anyone else? I smell entitled generation who want everything as a hand out.

3 days? I’ve already played 600 versus matches with friends and we’re at level 3 lol

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