Finding Matches

Whatsup gearheads,

Im in The Netherlands and i can’t seem to find alot of matches. Usually once every hour ish. Is there anything wrong on my end? Checks I did:

Do people within 100km of my house (ROTTERDAM) have it too? : Yes

Are there any settings in game I can ajust?



You should be able to find matches easily in KoTH and TDM. The other game modes usually take longer f.e Dodgeball, Guardian, Escalation and Execution.

Thanks for your reply, I would like to think I should be able too. But its sincerely not the case.

Im central usa and it takes 5-10mins on comp. Really hard to find ppl


Yea its sad that there are so little players in Gears of War. The hype for every new Gears game is never longer than 2 or 3 months then all the “newbies” leave Gears again cause they don’t know how to play it.

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I found 2 ppl in lfg who never played comp but its a start…im ok with it

Do you play with a squad or just solo? If you play solo you might try and find a squad. It seems to speed up matchmaking a lot.

Same here. Also from The Netherlands. Only can find/join TDM. It’s ridiculous because I know there are many people playing the game in The Netherlands. When I search for “execution gears of war 4” within the lost month I can see people still upload their gameplay on youtube. Only allowed for Americans to play I guess…… Thanks Microsoft and Epic. Great !

Execution takes a while to search for in a more populated US region. The clips you’re seeing are from all over the world and you have to remember not everyone is searching when you are. If no one in your region is searching you won’t find a match.

Thanks for the answer, still don’t understand it… I never had any problem with GOW 1,2,3. Played with people from the US, UK, Europe, etc. Unfortunately the system changed…

Region filters were implemented because players such as myself were frustrated by the advantage high ping players got. These players would sponge shots and then one shot kill you even though you’re behind them because the way the game handles lag compensation is completely jacked up. The issue with these filters is that they’re implemented in a way that doesn’t actually help many players because low ping players are constantly paired with high pings. For example, I’m a US player with a low ping but I’m constantly paired with Mexico players that ping at 90ms+ with spikes upwards of 1100. Many European friends of mine say they experience the same issues with players from Italy and France. Because of this it’s obvious region filters are helpful but only if they’re implemented properly which in this case they’re not. So now we still get laggy matches and players from lowly populated countries can’t find matches. Truthfully I’d rather play with someone pinging at 200ms consistently due to distance such as you than a player with an inconsistent ping as this makes games run much worse.

My solution to the above is harsh but it’s necessary. Unless The Coalition can do what other developers have successfully done with lag compensation they need to keep high pings with high pings in ranked matches. A high ping should be at a disadvantage rather than the low ping constantly suffering and this is how almost every developer sees it including those with small communities. But that’s a whole different issue.