Finding games on pc is difficult

I ve been trying to find games many times since i reached the onyx 2 rank. I am in EuWest. Most of my queue in TDM were lasting over 15 minutes without no results, forcing me to restarting it, again without any results. So, is there any way to find out if i am able to find any game before i die irl, or is in there any other ranked game mode that would allow me to find a match quicker?

It can be really hard to find games on pc when you’re solo. Try to que up with console players to significantly reduce your search time. Good luck!

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is it just me or whenever you que with console players and they are the host it takes way longer than the PC being the host. even if the host and you are on same region.

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I sent you a DM,

the main thing is to squad up with players or somehow manage to make the game think that US east is the closest data center or server to you(VPN)

two things are working against PC users. no Steam version forcing people to use the WIn 10 store and the ability for console players to essentially block PC users.

this doesn’t look like it will be changing for Gears 5 so I expect similar long matchmaking times

Do you have a source for this information? Has TC considered maybe completely unlocking crossplay and allowing M+KB input on Gears 5 since Xbox can do that in certain titles now, right?

they won’t risk upsetting the console playerbase and lose sales. all that will happen if they do remove X-play is a PR nightmare and end up doing the same thing they did with Gears4.

no source but it’s not hard to see what’s going to happen here.