Finding a straight game

Welcome, all. I’ve been a Gearshead since the 2nd game. But G5 is insanity. Definition assumed. You know, repeating the same cycle and hoping things get better.
My main issue to date is the common unevenness of players in versus. Too often am I stuck playing a game that is lopsided. Players disconnect that’s a given . But 80% of the games I play either have an idle player or an outright quitters.
Playing like this makes the game pointless. Yeah, I could sweat 4v5s all day. But what is being done to deter quitting? From the state of the game now, it seems not very much at all.
I, and others in the community, would like a resolution for early quitting in Versus. As much as I like this game, this aspect gives me a lot to think about…

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Nothing wrong with quitting bro…

I quit 5 months ago

Not suffered any problems with the game since :yum:


Completely agree, I’ve joined so many matches, gridiron in particular, where there’s 1v3-4. Usually I end up being the person alone, which is frustrating. Being on the 4man team is kinda boring as well, there’s not a whole lot of fun in playing against bots who have insane aim or are just plain bad.

I’d also like to complain about the high ping/low ping situation, as I keep getting matches where the majority of players are high ping, which makes things difficult for obvious reasons. So, 1v4 with bad bots and high ping is not ideal. This is with the matchmaking preference on “lower ping”.

Playing co-op vs ai is at least less laggy. Escape/horde is affected by this ping situation too.

Your example sounds more like quickplay, cause you don’t get bots in Ranked, whether someone quits or not.

In Ranked they do do penalties, cause I got a 15 minute ban yesterday before the update when the game randomly kicked me out, wouldn’t let me rejoin, so I got suspended 15 minutes… but I noticed the update was ready so I took that down time to do that lol

None the less I don’t think anything should be done about quitting social, bots replace you, yea that sucks but that’s still supposed to be the point. The difference between Ranked and Social, get punished for leaving Ranked, but not social that’s dumb. Social means nothing as it is and sometimes you’re just there to get challenges done or just fooling around… when you got your challenge done, or someone randomly invites you, it should be perfectly fine to leave social in both those situations and it is.

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Agreed. I would like to see something implemented to punish specifically those who leave ranked matches. Which may lump a lot of disconnects into that mix. I say an escalation of penalty be called forth. Anyone quitting multiple times should be banned fur increasing durations.


Sorry to hear of your troubles. Sadly this has been the reality for too long. In gears 4 i just played competitive warmup due to this. I suggest you try the look for a group option and try to find players to play with to limit quitting on your team.

The actual solution i feel is to actually abolish ranked. Each game mode should simply be its own playlist. Having rolling lobbies where quitters are quickly replaced. Just need a more intuitive and efficient matchmaking style overall.

I never thought of quitting as a solution. As we can see now people who shouldn’t be punished are getting punished by quitting penalties. Who could have seen that one coming? :roll_eyes:

But what is the problem with gay games!? :thinking:


I almost bent there :rofl::rofl:

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I don’t mind being outnumbered. I’ll still try to finish a game when I’m 1 v 4 or 1 v 5 just because I’m not a quitter. The problem comes when the team takes to spawn camping, repeatedly downing, and t-bagging you. Apparently, many Gears players can’t help but to jump on the opportunity to kick someone when they’re down.

I gather the OP likes to play ONLY STRAIGHT games exclusively. and he despise gay games.

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Yes it’s quickplay, my bad I should’ve specified that. I don’t mean quitting, totally agree no penalty for quitting quickplay. I’m talking about a “fresh match”, where they set up the teams that way.
Replacing people with bots is fine and all, I’m not complaining about that part, I’m sorry if it came off like that.

All good and ya on your point they need to learn how to balance it better… I had a few games of Gridiron pre-ranked it’d start us out 1v4 or 1v3, I been on both sides and I’m like “your system isn’t smart enough to send at least one of them to the other side?” I had one where I was 1v5 starting… I was just gonna stand in spawn doing taunts lol but I won cause the whole other team quit, they thought it was BS too I guess lol.

Lol yeah, hate when that happens but I just do as good as I can. I don’t wanna be the one who quits when odds aren’t good lol.

I gave up on this a long time ago. I come back every once in a while.

Quitters do ruin it when you get in a game and it is 4v5 or 3v5 or worse.

But I can understand some quitting. I do not quit myself and will suck up a lopsided game or even one that is not playing well. The thing is many have limited time. And this game still has many issues. I played one were we were dominating. At the end the other team, PC players, say “Ez” and ■■■■ like that. Mostly because even though we were way ahead in round 1 the game went to ■■■■.

I hit a player twice at point blank. The first shot they were standing still and I was behind them. The next they had rolled and it was still a full hit. They hit me with a partial. I die and get 2 hits for 93%. That 2 hits for 93% started happening a lot in that match. Really sucks because having 13-15 ping and not network issues you would think I would get a solid game.

I was top on my team. Right with the top players. But hell, I shot a player point blank and their character did a 360 degree turn in place for a perfect face shot. The worst part was my shot was not only point blank and in the face but did not even give me credit. Only the visual signs of blood flying off their body.

Put on top of that, yes they would die at times, they would continually spawn on the hill. Close enough they get back in with spawn protection. Over and over. Yet we consistently spawned across the map.

These things all combined are why I cannot get anyone to play. They will play Gears 4. Even say they will jump on 1. But not this. A lot of these people are like me. Huge Gears fans too. Reading the books and comics, Collecting things. And all that.

The quitting could be punished harsher I guess. Not sure the punishment. But it would just mean much less player base. I would say the best thing would be to get the game up to a solid level. Then you would have people come back. I know of some that would and I am sure there are others.

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I feel that, I want to play gears but combined with jus too many other things to do right now and no one else really wanting to play with me cuz of the games neverending BS I jus frequent these forums judging progression of the game based on ppls feedback, seeing if it’s yet worth having a lil go.

Occasionally I see threads on how stuff is working great but so many times it’s swiftly followed by how they broke that fix days later lol so I still don’t bother.

Never say never tho, by gears 9 I think many networking problems may be solved :rofl::rofl: