Finally...... 🤪



Nice Photoshop job.


Nice job bud. :sunglasses:


Haha! You should know. You shopped yours recently😂

A million times over.

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And I did not do any map with you, Now I feel like a jerk, Congratulations though :smiley:


You are a jerk. Now, you shall live in shame for the rest of your sorry existence

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Must be very low percentage of players that have this?

Well played :clap:

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Yes its super grindy

A very select few have gotten it although it may be a bit skewed by Game Pass users too.

If it was not for they negations over ribbon i be real close. I really do not see me getting that unless it pure luck.

You perpetrate fake news kid. Stop fibbing to us. We can see right through your trickery