Finally, No longer a 1 gun game

Finally we have a Lancer that kicks ■■■ and isn’t just a slight irritant to rushing Gnasher heads. I see people using a variety of formidable weapons and I’m loving it. No more spawn, switch to Gnasher, blindly rush through weak Lancer fire gameplay. Good job TC​:clap::clap::raised_hands:


I must agree. It is nice that the game is no longer gnashers- only.
That being said, the tuning is still way off. The rifles are too strong.

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ERGHHH gears was always a gnasher game that was one of the main appeals and made it what it became and why hardcore fans loved it (skill based fights) ,machine guns camping noob battles is COD and other inferior games way.


ok . . .but it hasn’t really been that way since GoW 3 ( stopping power + retro lancer ect. ) , GoW ( 4 enforcer )

Also you don’t remember GoW 1 longshot lobbies ?

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It’s a myth that Gears is /was a 1 gun game. Unless you are playing KOTH Gnasher or something, using 1 gun is straight up putting you at an advantage.

It’s funny you mention the lancer, was this gun ever bad?


I totaly agree!
I hate gnashers of war since GOW 1.

I always try to máster any Weapon in game so i can evolve my play trought situations.

O only have one complain, why in the world we. Have only 2 main weapons?!?!

Man i miss so much the strategy coming from have a Hammerburst , a Shawedoff, an enforcer, also why the give us the option to “Chose weapons” if there Is only two options and two slots?!

To put the Gnasher in the primary slot and lancer in secondary so I don’t have to switch it :wink:

Hear hear! :clap::clap::clap:

These kids are probably not higher then gold and start complaining here. We always used the lancer and snub just as much as the gnasher in every game… everyone is crossing on the higher ranks. Rifles are way to OP and the game is a camp fest you cant push and flank effectively the whole game is dumbed down to where it is boring as f.


The minute you say “kids” people stop reading.


Gears hasn’t been a one gun game since gow2 though. One of the things that made GoW3 so good was that you actually lancer people. It’s why I’ve always been in favor of stopping power, you shouldn’t be able to run through a hail of bullets without consequence. I do (mostly) like the balance now, though I wish that all of the guns were a little weaker. Feels too easy to get downs now.

When I get gnashered from 10 ft away in this game, my body falls apart like perfectly cooked ribs. The gnasher in GoW 1-3 was perfect. At least in those games you had a chance to survive with any weapon.

Gears 3?

Go home your drunk lol. That thing was broken to hell

I’ve loved gnasher play since original GoW but I got to agree with you, it’s refreshing it’s not a one weapon game anymore. It’ll take some time for me to adjust though.

Boo gnashers have always been the go to weapon for mp. Yall fps players just don’t know rhythm and coordination behind shotgun battles which is what made gears…gears and set the game apart from all games.

But thats coo lancer all you want still gon get bodied at the end of the day.

I do like that they have more variety and yes prior games were mostly dominated by gnashers but I liked them anyway. We’ll see how it goes a few months after launch.

Nailed it, Gow5 is a noob game, ultra camping lancer you to death no matter where you are. Only noobs like this, skilled players will hate it.

Anyone that says the older gears was a one gun game is so wrong it hurts. If you used gnashers only you would lose against good players.

Especially in Gears 4, using Lancer and Snub was more than viable.


It’s really fun to chainsaw those who bounce around. They run into it every time.


Gears 4 wasn’t a one gun game either. Once you hit the high Onyx/Diamond tiers it was all about map control which involves all types of weaponry.