Finally made the transition!

So, after much deliberation and 15 years of playing Gears on console, I took the plunge and downloaded 5 onto my PC.

I am humbled to say despite my ■■■■■■■■ about this game, my experience has improved by leagues! The game is fantastically-optimised, and continues to run at a solid 55-60FPS on Medium-High graphics on my 6 year old rig.
The transition to keyboard and mouse has been a challenge I continue to slowly overcome given the absence of the Xbox pad’s thumbstick’s free movement, but the aiming advantage it’s bestowed me is disgusting, given my predilection to using Lancer/Longshot as my tried-and-true loadout.

I strongly urge people to avoid me in Gnasher fights…it’s almost unfair with hipfire on a mouse. XD

The ability to have my own custom keybindings has also helped shotcut so many problems. Removing the chainsaw from R to a mouse thumb button has utterly removed the reload bug from me, and giving myself 2 melee bindings means I can reclaim my crown of ‘Chainsaw Duellist Champion’.

I bow before you TC for making this PC port worthwhile…

Now do me a service and give me more Swarm Sniper skins.

Skaventide out xoxo


Go into Escape and chainsaw duel some elite drones. I’m curious if you can beat them hehehehe

You can beat them with Controller already. I have the feeling that certain hives are rigged against you though. The End or Corruption were fine. But on the Surge they would smash your head in without fail

@OP; wait until you have crashes every hour or a driver-update breaks the game.

CS has been released a while ago and is top-notch though?

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I’ve only ever won once in The End tho. Lol

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I need a PC…

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Frames and FOV are probably the only real advantage between the 2 and the Series X can get 120 frames now while my 2k PC can only get get 130 on High settings. Game is terribly optimized, keeps my PC hot, have to deal with garbage xbox apps that don’t even work half the time (this is more of a Microsoft issue but still…)

Get the game on PC if you have a PC already and want to save money
otherwise there is barely a difference…Maybe on GoW4 where with low settings I was pulling 200 frames but on GoW5 on low settings I sit at 150 which is barely a jump from the 130 I usually get. fantastically-optimized though.

My friend always gets his head smashed in😂

While i never lose a duel.

Chrome Steel skins are assgarbage in my opinion. Way cooler and more unique skins that can also be obtained without forcing me to part from £8.