Finally got my Diamond Scion...bye bye. (NOT A RANT)

I’ll be a part of his team when Gears 5 comes out, but that’s gonna be in a year, I also have Halo 6 to look forward to, I can play that with Angry too.

I totally understand being fed up with a game, but to say “I’m wasting my life playing this game” shows you’ve BEEN doing it wrong, what the hell do you mean, were you spending unhealthy amounts of time grinding for certain unlocks or something? You’re supposed to play the game and enjoy it, trying for challenges is absolutely fine too, but only to the point that you’re comfortable with, not making yourself suffer in any way in order to hit some count to unlock something, I beat 90% of challenges on My Rewards page so far and I play an hour-hour and a half a day, sometimes couple days go by and I don’t play at all, I never even tried for 6k kills for Ruby Scion and I never ranked Diamond so don’t even bother for the other one, stop making yourself hate the things that you’re supposed to have fun with, it’s infinitely more enjoyable if you play cause you actually love the game, not just to unlock stuff, and even if it’s not just for the unlocks, you still need to stop way before than you get to the point where you say you’re wasting your life playing it, it’s nearly hilarious, that’s like saying “I’ll stop going to the movies, I’m wasting my life sitting in those dark rooms!” you shouldn’t have been watching that many in the first place you see what I’m saying?

Anyways, hope you have a good one man, stay up :point_up: :sunglasses::+1:


New diamond/(ruby maybe something else) characters get announced tomorrow. Right after you got him lol. I feel you though, this game was taking over my life when I was trying to get him, it’s horrible, but I prepared since Season 4 day 1 for whatever may come, and it still took very long. I’m really good too, it’s just that I played with Diamonds only when I was Onyx in the beginning and it screwed me over in the long run because of various things

I hear you there. I was not feeling well a few weeks ago and stayed home. Wanted to play but had no desire to deal with the BS that comes with it.

So I tried horde again and therein I found the nicer side of gears. Still challenging at times and way way way less BS.

So I play that now when I just want to chill out. And it’s kept me busy leveling up the skill cards and what not. Just completed my first inconceivable run last night on public with no quitters. :+1:

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I get this post. Happy to see you got to where exactly where you wanted to go. The amount of games I have stacked up with games with gold since this games release is unbelievable. None the less you got to your end and have time to play so many other games. Enjoy your time with new games and will see you when GOW5 comes around.

At OP very well done. Must have great skill. Would love to hit Diamond, highly unlikely to ever happen though… I’m average a best. Anyway just wanted to congratulate you. :grinning:


Bleh, not worth my time. I hate that character anyways.

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The Diamond Gear requirement is the ruby challenge (TBA) and 3 diamond placements in any playlists. Unless the ruby challenge is actually a challenge, everyone should get this one easy.

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But making a show of leaving makes this as dramatic as a rant.