Finally got my Diamond Scion...bye bye. (NOT A RANT)

As the title hints, this isn’t a rant.

I finally got my Diamond Scion, I’m quite happy but, I’m done with this game.
Don’t get me wrong, I love GoW, this series will always have a special place in my heart that other games just don’t have.

Cya in Gears 5.


I always say I’m done but I always come back. The constant lag issues and quitters make this game unplayable at times so I tell myself I’m out. But a few hours to a day later I’m always back. I have problems… lol


That’s not the case for me, I’ll never come back, I’m just wasting my life on this game at this point.


I feel you man. If it’s not something you want to play then it’s time to move on. Are you looking forward to something new in the next few months?

Halo 6 if it comes out this year, I also just want to play multiple games instead of mainly playing Gears and rarely doing variety,

Halo Infinite is already confirmed to be in development and not coming out this year. You’ll see Gears 5 next year but I doubt you see Halo Infinite before the next Xbox upgrade comes. But there are a lot of games coming out this year so you’ll be set either way.

Well it isn’t going to end at the diamond scion. They’ve got just the thing for folks like you.

Diamond Diaper Drawers Oscar is coming down the pike and there will be something else for your OCD.

See you in season 5


I think the saddest part about this post is @waterflame116 is a quality player with a low ping and he’s about done with this game. That’s one less quality player to be paired against but there’s still a ton of high pings south of the border ruining every damn match. :confounded:


I think it’s good to recognise that. In fact, it’s wonderful.
For me, Gears stimulates my mind unlike any other game so it’s got beneficial properties for me. I even started playing guitar better after getting into this game because of the way it’s benefitted my reflexes. The high intensity also helps me get out an excess of nerves and mental energy.

But, I totally get the idea of mitigating wasted time. When I play most games for more than an hour or two I actually start feeling terrible about the time I wasted. When gaming becomes a way to burn hours, I think it’s healthy to move onto better, more enriching things.

See you in the next Gears. :slight_smile:


What makes you so sure that you wont be back for the season 5 characters?

Because, as I stated before in another comment, I’m wasting my life away playing this game, it just isn’t worth playing anymore.

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Lmao! :joy:

Yeah I feel you man, I hate that I love gears

Good call mate

I am not as good as you. Hack I am not over onyx ever. Stopped trying months ago.

Now I just play here and there with other games . Stopped worrying/trying for any skins/rank.

Just some fun here and there.

Best of luck with life !



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I havent been playing since more than a month ago and am not bothered for not even having ruby Scion. I dont feel like playing against bots just to rush it as I have no desire to play anymore.


This is why leaderboards need to come back so people can progress and work to get to the top. There’s no reason to continue to play Gears really.

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Personally I don’t care about leaderboards, it’s just that that gameplay got stale a while ago, every day I played; the game enraged me one way or another, can’t keep doing that to myself.

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Who will angry play with from now on :rofl::rofl:

I watch Angry’s stream almost everyday and you are a good part of his team I feel.