Finally got BFFs

I think coalition should need the requirements a fair good chunk, this achievement ruined lives!

This was meant to take years. The game has been out 5 months.

We did it in 3 weeks ;).


Well done :slight_smile:

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Congratulations, I saw that achievement and wrote it off as loooong haul lol.

The Coalition really should lower the requirements of this achievement. It’s hard for me and my friends to play regularly at the same time.

Congratulations, anyway.


I agree, my friends had a serious sit down and agreed we wanted it out of our lives ASAP we fought bots 3 days a week minimum and 5-11 hour sittings approximately. Guardian is fastest method but it takes forever.

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Well done! I had a friend who was level 3 and on the verge of level 4. We had a falling out and now no longer play together and we won’t be getting to level 5 together… :wink:

Have another friend who is level 4, so fingers crossed neither of us upset the other!


I agree that the XP requirements could be reduced because too long. I’m still 8% with two people and 6% with one person. But I am not interested in going for Achievements for the moment,

Next month is going to be interesting.

Yes, and it’s barely playable never mind going for big achievements.