Finally escalation!

I know it’s not the most popular game type but thank you so freaking much TC for bringing back escalation!!! The changes made are nice!! DONT GET RID OF IT


Played 3 games earlier, lots of fun. Could defo go for a ranked option.

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Why is no one playing! Tried several times to get a match this morning and now, every time time over 10 mins of searching to find no games…

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Because it’s awful. I don’t want the bloated weapons placement rubbish. I want to play a quick domination game like Judgement had. Fast and frantic. Then you have the games starting with 3v1 and you have been dominated two or three times before the match fills.

Judgement had domination nailed. I prefer arcade blitz to any of this KOTH and Escalation rubbish. It’s a far more tactical game and each game is different. Escalation is the dullest of the lot.


I enjoy J Domination as well. And while Escalation is not perfect (should be ranked) I do enjoy the mode.

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Be a hell of a lot better 5v5.

Get rid of the 3 cap auto win and weapon picking crap as well, keep it simple.


Glad for you few and proud to get your mode again. I personally haven’t touched it, nor will I but that’s my prerogative that I hate it. Still nice that people get to enjoy it… just like it’s nice when they bring Execution back for events eventho I don’t touch those either.

Really all modes not in Ranked should be in Quickplay… that includes the 2 I just mentioned and also the likes of Dodgeball and Arms Race are obviously also still in the system for custom… the thing is nobody wants to do customs, they are a waste of time, I don’t understand the harm in having all non-Ranked modes be playable in Quickplay (forgot Gridiron too) how it really hurts, especially if they reinstate bot filling for Quickplay, then they wouldn’t have to worry about population either.

A Quickplay with mostly bots, while not ideal, is better than a custom that does nothing for you as the Quickplay will still get you XP and ability to do objectives.

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I agree but I don’t think we have the player base for extra modes, even in social. Alas this seems to always be the case

Yep I have no idea why it’s not 5v5. Judgement was 5v5 and it was non stop action. It was simple and it worked. I was expecting more after the rework, but it’s still dull.

Yeah I had a game on training grounds and it was just void of action. Not the hard hitting pvp gears should be.

The few games I played it was okish, better than the snowballs. Then I noticed the played rounds and executions, the last 2 medals I need for versus events, didn’t get counted still and I figured I’d go do something more fun.
Can we like fix thisTC ?

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Now if only we didn’t have turtle speed so we can actually get some action.

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I enjoyed it more with the new changes. That weapon selection is still a pointless time consuming feature to it though. Stick it back in ranked with a best of 7 rounds and without the weapon placement betwern rounds and i would switch from KOTH

I hated best of 7. Lasted wayyyyyyyyy to long. And I wanted to pull my eyes out when someone quit round 1.