Finally bought Gears 5

Finally gave in and bought 5 on sale. I have played every gears since 1 and while i abandoned mp i really want to see how the story plays out

Not concerned with microtransactions or any other dress up purchases.

Being away since 2017 coming back seems weird. I hope TC can craft a good story

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There are literally thousands of cosmetics in this game that you can play dress up with that don’t require you to spend an extra dime. Gears 5 was monetized horribly around launch, but it’s nowhere as bad now.


Thanks for the info. Been out of the loop for so long.


After you’ve beaten the campaign come back and tell us what you thought about it. Also after, I highly recommend checking out the PvE in this game because its widely regarded as the best in the series.


Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Share your feedback on campaign and I also highly recommend playing Hivebusters DLC before you dive into Escape mode.

Have fun!


If you try out escape on a difficult that isn’t beginner you will probably have fun, as much as I don’t like admitting it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I dunno, feel like Judgement’s “Survival” Ran so Gears 4/5’s “Frenzy” could walk.

So why does almost everyone seem to say Overrun is J’s best mode rather than Survival?

Besides, J has class locks. Gears 5 removed that useless restriction. That alone takes it a step down the ladder.

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Welcome back.

You’ve probably inadvertently done the right thing by not playing until now, avoiding most of the major bugs with the game. Sure some still exist but that’s a different discussion.

Campaign isn’t the worst. It has long boring segments in regards to side quests but Act 2 is definitely interesting and Act 4 is enjoyable as well. I found the others very tedious.

PvE is definitely fantastic and extremely fun with friends, there’s not a shadow of doubt about that, but PvP is disastrous and unenjoyable since it’s latest patch which hindered the movement speed and flexibility.

But good luck regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

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Character locked classes with like 10 enemies to fight ? No thanks. Survival is easily bottom tier right next to Gears 2 Horde, for me.

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Koty, you changed your avatar and I didn’t recognize you.

Im gonna change it back to Lahni on the forums, the forum maintenance logged me out lol


It’s for the best that you stay away from mp…

But I heard PvE is amazing

Well I can’t sit back while everyone knocks PvP. But it’s very much an individual thing of course. Coming straight from GOW4, I hated it, and actually went back to GOW4 for quite a while. Felt clunky and I felt limited in what I could do. But I went back (can’t even remember why now) after a few tuning updates and eventually adapted over the course of weeks/months. Hell, I’m still learning and adapting.

The 120fps frame rate on Series X and defaulternate control scheme made it much more tolerable for me. But like I said it’s very much based on individual taste.

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Id recommend FFA.

I despise 5s pvp but FFA somehow alleviates my gripes with versus. Its a shame that the FFA maps all make me feel like im playing escape but its a minor issue compared to the mode itself. Very enjoyable 10/10 recommend.

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14 player is all tile maps except Village. A shame, because Ritual and Regency would have worked fine for this mode too.

8 player FFA is available on all maps.

Wait seriously? I swore that FFA was solely on those custom maps?

Man my memory is selective :joy:

Thank goodness. I’m too used to it! It’s like if Pepper changed from being a default-yet-colourful Hedgehog!

Me no like change.
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