Finally after so long

He has arrived


Im happy for all the Tai fans :relieved:

Its been a glorious day.

I’m still waiting on my gears 3 Dom :pleading_face:


I’m happy for you.

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screams in outsider kait



One day :pensive:


I be sitting here just waiting for Islander Lahni and they be givin out flippin Christmas skins in July for 2 weeks.

To be fair, islander lahni did come out recently.

The UIR officers have only come out once and there are still some skins back from op 1-3 that are still not back.

I said in another thread that TC should start adding skins into the permanent store instead of just using featured as a way to put old content in the store.

I still find it crazy how V-Day content isn’t in the game maybe with the final Op?

been waiting on v-day since gears 4

Screams in Outsider JD

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Na I disagree having semi limited items gives people a reason to check in every week or two and having something someone else doesn’t makes it a bit cooler.

Funny how ive heard islander lahni was rare and jts something i picked up in the featured store in a random week i popped on gears 5.

I really need them to add civilian anya and first minister stroud to ths Featured store because i missed them. Completed whatever season TOD they released so i stopped playing much. Saw them in the store but didnf realize it was the Operation store facepalm