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I forgive you TC

Forgive them for what? And why are you forgiving them lol

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the remaster. I mean, its stupid to not assume its coming.

that means gears 3 dom, and that equals no more posts from me about him.

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I’ve read into all the rumors and all I’ve seen just say “MCC style collection for Gears” and not any of the games getting remastered.

If anything got remastered wouldn’t it make sense for it to be Gears 2 and not 3? So it would be more in-line with that “MCC Style collection”.

Not saying its impossible and not coming but there’s also nothing confirmed. I will say all the rumors getting traction has me a little convinced but im not gonna pay any mind until something is confirmed.


Not ■■■■■ really about remasters, played them both a ton back in the day. However, if it’s happening, hopefully they stagger them so that folk old and new players can enjoy each iteration fully. Am pissed though so yeah. Gg

I’m convinced, I was convinced even before 5 came out. Why wouldnt gears have it’s own remastered series? It’s an xbox original title.

Gears 3 alone can keep the franchise alive, UE was and is too barebones. I can even see Judgement changing peoples minds.

I just didnt think it would come so soon, my personal opinion was that it would’ve been announced after 6 was all said and done.

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I’m fully on board the “i would rather want new stuff” train, believe. But i would definitely play an MCC style Gears game. It would really help out community morale, i would think.


You know community morale is at an all time low when the game’s life cycle ended a measly 6 months ago and people already want a Marcus Fenix Collection and Gears 6 within the next year.

I get why people want GTA6 now since GTA5 is 9 years old, but Gears fans expecting Gears 6 or a MCC style game this early when UE5 is barely in its infancy is just absurd imo.

This is why I don’t believe it. It hasn’t even been a year since TC said they’re moving onto learning UE5 has it? Unless Microsoft outsourced the MCC style game like what they did with Splash Damage and Gears Tactics. Not sure if “outsourced” is the right terminology for that btw. Lol

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TC didnt exactly leave 5 in a state for replayability :joy:

They did their best for the PvE side of things. Only thing they could’ve done better is let us choose our own modifiers and making every enemy spawn in Mania and Roullette.

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Well of course, but I’m a versus first player. I like 5s pve but I’ve played that into the ground

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You need to search for those “chill no kill” lobbies. Its just FFA 14 game of people just chatting. Everytime I join one though someone kills me so I dont really understand it lol

Gears games typically go on a three year cycle and aren’t supported indefinitely. In fact, Gears 5 had the longest active support when judging by the amount of content after release. This series isn’t a R6 Siege or PUBG that’s intended to just be supported forever. And since people have been conditioned to expect a new Gears game announced shortly after the previous one is left by the developer, it’s natural people would be thinking about this.

Plus, a MCC version of Gears has been requested since before Gears 5 even came out lol.

A Gears MCC wouldn’t be running in UE5. And outsourcing is likely the strategy, yeah. Fill the schedule with a lower commitment release, contracted to a smaller developer. Splash Damage is the most likely candidate in this instance, since they also helped with the PC version of Gears UE and Gears 4, too.

Essentially, if a “Marcus Fenix Collection” exists, I doubt TC has much to do with it. It’s something that was being made on the side to afford TC more time to transition to UE5. These sorts of things are planned way, way in advance, so Splash Damage (or whomever) has likely been working on this for years, and it could be a reason for why there were so many new Gears 3 models added to Gears 5 late in its life cycle, if they were borrowing assets from the remake project.


Tempting, I loved FFA in 5. It was probably my best mode. I still hate the tuning though, it’s quite literally the only reason why I cant play 5. I can deal with 4v4, gridlock, 3v4s, but just not the tuning.

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Play Guardian. It’s the superior mode with the superior amount of players.

You have knowledge that I already obtain. Unfortunately guardian does not contain a tuning to my liking.

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You dont like a tuning where the best course of action is to walk at people and hold your shot? Come on man. Its the pinnacle of skill!

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It makes me sad that I cant use the enforcer as a loadout weapon. I’d really have a ton of skill :sunglasses:

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Thank God! This is to me, what “dark and gritty” is to the '06 Veterans! I can’t wait until you shut your pie-hole! :smiley:

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