Final Requests for Gears 4

New 2v2 map.
Permanent 5x XP
Quit Penalties be removed
Removal of restrictions on high rank PC and EU players
Onyx Guard carry-over to Gears 5 (a-la Gilded characters)


You are denied

Well, you are a garbage 2v2 player, so I get why you’re salty right now


You really are a clown :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I try Red. I try

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Just like you TRY in our 2v2 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah exactly. My heart was in the right place, but my thumbs couldn’t keep up

Oh no. I never thought I would see the day that you turned into one of those gamers. I’m upset right now David.


What can I say Tony? I’m bored. It’s a Tuesday, and I long for the weekend

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I’ve just returned to civilization. And now I want to go back to the forest. Even if I might find some Polyps.

Well, to be completely fair, I’ve noticed 5x XP has been running for over a week by now and despite a friend telling me it would end on the 18th it’s still around…

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Aside from the Onyx Guard thing cuz idc about that character, I actually think this would be ideal. Gears 4 will have a nail in its coffin once 5 comes out if they don’t ease up on the matchmaking.

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Pshhh, Gears 4 already had a nail in it’s coffin for me months ago. if it wasn’t for those damn black phantom skins I wouldn’t have installed it again. I am not even sure why I am playing it now for the challenges since I won’t use any of the skins, especially those terrible Kait skins.

I can’t blame you, but it would be a real shame if the game is super dead leading up to September when people should be playing for hype.

I mean you get more than the skins. I know 1 of the rewards is some iron and 1 is 3 days of boost


depending on the requirements for the next few challenges it should see a decent boost

Team Random Weapon. Rounds like 2vs2 but with random cycle by round

Oh I know this. The skins are just a little dull for me. As I said before, weapon skins for me will have to be animated and not just blah, besides the phantom skins that is.

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I completely agree. Personally I dont think the Gilded colors fit the characters. The only 1 the looks 1/2 decent is the Scion. I dont even think the Golden weapon skins look good from the pic they have

Literally, the number one thing they need to do is:

-Remove Strict Matchmaking - it’s been tried and tested and does restrict the higher end of the playerbase and TC should now have all their data on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy a competitive matchup.

But what do I enjoy even more?

A match in the first place :sweat_smile:

And this leads me onto:

-Reinstate Region Selector: the population count really suffers outside of the NA Region (which compasses a lot of countries south and north of the USA) and this pool of players is huge compared to EU and other regions.

If I could simply choose US East and search solo, this would solve every single problem I have with matchmaking wait times - EVEN IF - you don’t remove strict matchmaking.

This would be a nice surprise to see but realistically, can’t see it happening.

Would have been nice perhaps to have Wingman on the regular maps but here’s hoping for that in 5.

Sure, should be 4-5x XP, give people that last push to jump on!

Idk about this one, I know people have issues but those that quit and don’t come back on purpose need to be have a penalty.

I hope Gears 5 fixes this for genuine players who experience issues.

This is number 1 priority, as explained in my first two points :crossed_fingers:

This would be massive and Gears 4 would have a massive resurgence for sure!

Imagine Onyx Guard Day 1 of Gears 5!

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