Final perk point

I’m not a fan of the perk system in horde, but after being in a relatively easy match I decided to level up beyond 5 and see what it’s like.
To get a perk from level 9 to max level it costs 6850 power, but you don’t actually get any increase in the stat. Is this a bug or something?

This isn’t a “bug”. When you look at purchasing higher perk levels, it tells you the bonus that perk level gives you(eg you’re at Level 1 of ult cooldown, the next level tells you it will be -13% on cooldown duration, whereas the previous level was -10%). Seeing as there is no bonus after going to Level 10, it remains the same as before you get to perk Level 10. So it’s perfectly accurate and working as it should.

The first picture shows what you’ll get with the upgrade. Second picture shows you what you have.

Everything is fine.

Ok, so it’s be being silly then. Would’ve thought it showed what your current bonus is.

Fixed it for you, and I agree. I still haven’t tried it, looks increasingly awful with every video and screenshot.

Please to not seek to speak for me, I said what I meant.

Problems aside, I do enjoy this version of horde. Just wish some people in custom lobbies actually knew how to play

I must admit that wording made me laugh, fair enough :+1:

Back to your original point, I’d assume it was a bug after spending all that power. It’d be crazy if it isn’t.

I’ll get around to trying it eventually, I may be wrong about it but I feel as if they’ve over-complicated it by adding too many restrictions in regards to specific character abilities being effective against certain enemies, these perks, etc. Gears has always been good in its simplicity in general, until now.

Gears 4’s variant was actually enjoyable. Gears 3 was probably the best, all respect to the legendary original on Gears 2.

That’s my bad, mate. Had a hell of a day and got a bit snippy with my reply. Sorry about that.

I agree with your points, there’s alot that they could have made simpler, or at least explained better.

And gears 3 horde is definately the best :grin::joy:

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Haha don’t worry about it :ok_hand:

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