Final OP 4 Characters Prediction

So as we all know, according to the Gears 5 roadmap. there will be 3 more playable multiplayer characters!! Shraak himself was already revealed and so the MAIN purpose of this thread is a prediction thread honestly.
Feel free to list yours down below but here are mine!

In the case of Anya, Jace, Sam, Hoffman, Tai, Kim and Ect; I don’t think they’ll be features in this OP. But OP 5? Of course! Going based off of TC’s patterns, they tend to save the best for last and keep the main hard hitters away . I predict Sofia Hendrick and The Rager !

Sofia Hendrick She’s the final member of Kilo Squad yet to be featured in the game+she’s a Judgment character!

Locus Rager At this point another Locust character would definently benefit the swarm roster+he’s yet another judgment character!


Probably some helmetless medic/tanker driver/sanitation worker/homeless guy…I can go on and on. Would be great if it was my homie Griffin.


We should get Sofia and Loomis for a complete Kilo squad in the future along with Kilo Baird and Cole skins


I think a lot of Gears gamers would prefer newer characters over same old character skins no? Like you said Sofia would be cool too.

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I’m all for Loomis returning. Not as big on Sofia but I feel she’s overdue to return. Especially since we have every other Kilo member present. I have a hunch we’ll have a Judgment specific OP coming in the future.

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Looking at the 2 shadowed characters I would bet they are the helmetless COG characters from Gears of War 4.

Probably just place holder photos


I would have thought Sraak, purely because they’ve already revealed the Mythic Sraak skin, and the way they have described and defined what a character is, Sraak won’t be a skin variant for an existing character - he’d be a fully fledged character in his own right.

Aside from that, Oscar is the last remaining human character who appears in GOW5’s campaign who hasn’t been released yet, although I accept he’s not popular amongst fans.

Sam could be another. If I remember correctly she doesn’t appear in GOW5 but has a couple of lines (over the Raven helicopter radio).


They’re placeholder images. The Helmetless COG characters would be skin variants for the existing COG Gear anyway and wouldn’t be considered a new character per se.

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I hope it’s not oscar or reyna. Don’t really care for them. If it’s someone cool like gabe diaz I’m all for it


My predictions:

Anya-although it would be sorta weird seeing Anya in Gears 5 (poor Marcus) she would complete that OG squad I think.

Sofia-Come on now, she’s THICC… need I say more?

I sorta suspect that female characters are much more popular than male characters are generally speaking, the reason being that psychologically speaking its harder to hit females (because they are skinnier and such) so they would be better off giving us more female characters than anything.

And I’m pretty sure we literally got those helmetless variants of the base COG Gear in Op 2 already, in the Tour. Could be wrong though, maybe it was Op 3s Tour.

No you’re completely right. Helmetless Vermelo amd Casan were OP 3 rewardds in thd tour of duty.

I would of liked Hoffman since he’s reference quite a bit in escape with some characters also he voices some of the trailers so I would assume he did some voice lines while he was there but I don’t mind if he didn’t have any new lines straight from gears 4

i would like tai and prescott but seeing as how the theme this op is “brothers to the end” i think it’ll be sofia for the first one (due to the bugged voice clips from paduk where he says her name) and Kim for the second as he was a part of Delta for a time and that fits the theme

There’s a good chance one of them could be Sofia due to the some Spanish voicelines of Paduk refering to Sofia are already ingame.


Oh! Ok then.

Real quick though. Kinda a bit right since the helmetless COG are coming in this week.

Praying for Prescott.

Loomis would be cool too, he was pretty hardcore in Judgement.

But most of all, I want the cigar chomping badasss himself, Michael f’n BARRICK



Wait what?