Final minute of guardian

Can someone explain to me how that final minute works? I just got done playing a match and with seconds left we killed their leader and then the match ends because time ran out with our leader still alive yet they won the round and the match. Not really complaining but really curious.

Did you have more players alive at the end? (I know your leader was still alive but was anyone on respawn?)

We had two players(one was leader) and they had two players.

No idea, sounds like a mistake.

Just edited when I reread, sorry for the confusion.

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Ah sounds like it should have stalemated, or picked you guys as you had leader. I wonder if its an even number of players when the timer reaches zero if it picks a winner based the way Gears 2 did. The first round would end in a stalemate once it reached the timer. All other rounds would pick a winner, and if memory serves it would give the round to the team that won the previous round.

Either way it was really odd, we did win the round prior. This version of guardian seems like it’s more geared toward the aggressor. As they were storming our spawn area. I’ve had matches where they awarded a winner at the end of it with both leaders alive. You would think that’s a clear stalemate, but I digress.


Maybe it flips a coin for the winner if it ends in a stalemate at the end of the timer?

The last minute of Guardian is the dumbest set of rules I’ve ever heard of lol.

If both leaders are alive, the winning team is the one who has the least amount of players on respawn. So like 5-10 seconds before the round is over, make sure your team is alive and go and try to kill just one of their non-leader players. Like how cheesy is that lmao

But idk what happened in your case. I’ve never been in a situation where one of the leaders is dead during the last minute. You should have recorded it because I’d like to get to the bottom of it. It’s interesting to figure out how stupid the rules are in this mode.

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I tried to take a snapshot at the end but everybody had already quit. They did come at us as a team and we got their leader and two of their players but they melted the three of us standing leaving the leader alone when our last guy respawned. Odd how that works, but our Leader was in our spawn.