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Final enemy on wave 49 fell through the map

My son and I got to wave 49 when a Guardian went under the map and became stuck. We tried everything to reach it but had to exit the match and will probably never play horde in Gears 5 again unless they fix a few things.

-The afterwave report is too long. Just have it up for a second.

-The last enemy should be completely highlighted. There are times when all of us would be running around trying to find it. There’s a tiny red arrow above its head that blends in too much. Or just show it on the map.

-Speaking of last enemy, have it die after a few minutes in case it gets stuck somewhere like it did on our game.


It looks like you will never play Horde again in gears 5 because they won’t do any of the things you stated.

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Pretty melodramatic for a tiny bug. Other games have bugs do you also make vague threats of quitting that nobody actually cares about on those forums too? Starting a post of saying you’ll never play again unless they give into your demands like the company is going to care about a single person quitting their game and cave into their personal demands. If a company actually did that the game would be an absolute mess and complete garbage that nobody would ever even think of playing because everybody would start making such demands until the game either ran out of a budget trying to keep up with all the completely absurd demands that people dream up in their fan fictions or they try to fix it and end up breaking more things then they fix. The forums are a vocal minority a ran a calculation on it awhile back the entirety of the forum assuming all accounts are unique and are playing the current game based on the number of sales barely comes out to be .2% of the people who bought the game at least when I ran the calc back in Gears 4. Anywho you’d have far better luck trying to be constructive with criticism garner large amounts of support on the forum so TC takes notice than making vague threats towards the company and demanding they cater to your every whim, just saying.

I had a Sentinel go to the bottom of the map on wave 45 on Reclaimed yesterday evening. That ended the game.

I mean… I’ve experienced the same thing, except we just had one person leave and join back as Fahz to use his ultimate to shoot it through the ground.


Smart solution! I’ll need to remember that in case it happens to me!

It happened to my group a week ago. One of my team mates was able to use JACK’s Hijack ability to take control, which also resolved it.

A tiny bug? An enemy falling through the map forcing us to quit the game is a tiny bug? How is having an enemy automatically die after, say, 5 minutes a huge demand for the devs to implement? It changes nothing to the core gameplay? And there’s a huge thread about how much this game sucks ■■■ with a huge number of people agreeing yet my post is some rare thing? Some devs actually take suggestions from fans to make the experience better but you’re saying the game is perfect and needs nothing changed at all…okay.


My teammate got stuck as jack lol

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Snipers can easily stall out 5 minutes since they won’t approach you so there’d have to be detection if they’re off map for one secondly comparatively yeah phasing through a wall on rare occasion is a tiny bug compared to the game being completely unplayable for others. Forums are more likely to garner negative responses than positives and there’s a big difference between constructive criticism and threats, you starting a post that you’ll never play again unless they give in is threatening them which will get you exactly nowhere. I never said they wouldn’t take suggestions from fans, but they’re going to through out ones with absurd threats in them, if they change something it WILL NOT be because of you threatening to not play.