Fight Nights skins Lancer, Gnasher, and snub gone after buying full pack

So I’ve had 90% of the Fight Nights skins and I got the 14 pack yesterday to complete it, but in turn I got 2 skins I didn’t have, but lost the 3 most important ones. TC can you fix this glitch for me please?

Don’t think TC can directly fix the glitch but just wait 24h and you should have them eventually. Sometimes it takes a while to unlock everything

Truth right there :+1:

OP that’s a strange one.

I’d wait the 24 hours and if not, reach out to TC on Twitter - that’s probably your best way to get a response.

If not, you can contact Microsoft and explain the situation to them.

Thanks for the advice. I suppose TC or MS can get me another pack or refund me so I don’t have to spend money again. I’ve noticed that for some reason I also lost my emissive snub too. Odd part is that I’ve been using the set nonstop since I got it and I actually saw all the skins with my own eyes. Eventually the skin just didn’t show and it defaulted the skins to the plain ones.