FFA14 Please Come back to Quick Play

Gears gets me though the hard parts of life.
The best part about gears 5 was when ffa14 was in quickplay lobbys. I always played random people. and had no risk of a ban if I quit or have to go take care of a real life urgent matter and time out. I know it might be absurid to say that but.

Please, I like ffa8 but the problem is that i want to play a freeforall but only 8 ranked is kind of not a fun experince always playing your skill level because it causes repetitiveness i want my experince to be slightly diffrent and chaotic as ■■■■,
no bots. it sucks being killed by a bots

im not shure much more on what i have to say lol

please bring it back, I feel I pesonaly play ffa8 dosent translate well but 14 is better,

I think we can all say “amen” to this.


Wow i clutchd a ffa14 win, i miss ffa14 so much

Why is everyone so much against playing Customs? Say what you want about Versus in this game, but including custom lobbies is one of the best decisions TC made.

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Lol Mark can’t even read. Op said FFA14, not FIFA14. Guess that English major didn’t really come in handy


“FIFA” is a French acronym, stupid.