FFA vs KOTH (Ranked)

Is it true that it’s easier, getting Diamond in Free For All then it is for King Of The Hill?

I’m a solo KOTH player, but I can never make it past Onyx…

Because if it is, I’d might make the switch to FFA for Op5. :slightly_smiling_face:

Without the hindrance of a team, yes. I’m Masters in FFA, it’s much more enjoyable.

Do you have to finish 1st place (in Onyx) everytime to make it to Diamond? Or is finishing, in like the top 5 also good for ranking up?

Finishing in the top 3 will normally rank you up,

For most of it you can go as low as becoming 4th as long as you have some kills to make up the GP loss, but as of Diamond you need to finish 1st or 2nd to make any kind of progress. Or 3rd with at least 15 kills. It’s not a hard system to climb in. Onyx was quite easy. Too easy.

You’ll find there are many “Onyx” players that don’t quite live up to the rank.


Thanks man! Will give it a go once Op5 comes out… :+1:

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Thats a big truth the amount of times i have been put with a 3 or 4 stack of onyx in koth and they play like its their first ever match.

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Good stuff, I’ll see you on the field :joy:

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Exactly. It completely put me off KotH. It was much more manageable to have a subpar team in previous games, especially with TDM in Gears 3.

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Same for me, i can be diamond in FFA, but in KOTH onyx2-3 no way be to diamond as a solo player…


I might have to start giving FFA a go, i played it for a while when it came out but you don’t have to worry about unfair teams or idlers.

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Got Masters in FFA after 30 matches. Didnt win every match, but always top 3. You just have to get many kills as fast as you can. So dont camp and run into the fights.



I guees if your really good it makes sense but match making 8 single players has to come with some issue. I mean if they can not find 8 onyx players the are filling with low ranks. makes it very easy for some one with high skill set to rain.

I have been playing FFA some of it is oppertunity like i am in a 1 v1 one and the top guy comes in behind kills me. loys wait to see battale and run in with no damage and clean up a 1 v1 battle walk away with 2 kills.

I like unlimite spawns, but also lots of system issue in FFA GIB is not the same for all, so some inconsistencies.

All ranked have there issues. I am playing just for TOD, but in order to clear the ranked TOD you have to winn an FFA. very hard for low ranked players.

Even as diamond you can finish 4th in FFA.

People who never had masters have it in FFA so that speaks about the difficulty.

Try it out. Goodluck.