FFA Running Terrible

Has anyone had their FFA games look very choppy recently as if people are skipping frames or “micro-lagging”?

Only started noticing it in the last few days, but it’s really hard to choose where to aim when people are rubber banding in small spurts.


Yeah. It has even been doing this in solo horde, on my own servers recently.

Something is up.


Happening to me as well.

I may be wrong but I think even solo Horde is connected to TC’s servers, since I don’t think you can play anything except campaign offline.

It is indeed.

2v2 as well.

First 5 rounds were butter and we dominated. The next were just sponge fests and my bullets didn’t go off on a few trigger pulls.

What is wrong with this game?

Edit: The next match was against the same people and no lag at all. Beat them 7-1. Same ping ranges. Way different hit detection.

Edit: we played a match with us at 40ish ping and the enemy at 70ms. We destroyed them with shots registering and everything. We played them again but this time my friend and I had a 19ms ping and the enemy 110ms. The lag and teleporting with sponging was ridiculously bad. Shots not going off, 0% damage in obvious 3+ hits and enemies shooting mid roll animation on our screens.

I am still awaiting an explanation as to why when someone is above 80ms and I’m below 30ms the game adds artificial lag compensation and makes my game feel like I’m at 150ms. Every single time. It has yet to give me a decent connection in these matches.


Experiencing similar in Arcade matches. Not as much at stake, but still makes it almost unplayable. It’s simply not fun. I want to know I scraped, or got scraped, because my skill level, not because of connection issues. I understand everything can’t be perfect, but man is it rough.


Been like that since the 2nd ffa update with the krampus.

Also, still crashing.:upside_down_face:

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I’m just not sure why a ping so low feels so bad once someone is above 80ms. In Gears 4 I had major issues with it when players fluctuated a lot but stable pings never caused issues. In Gears 5 it’s both which is a major step backwards.


Yet people still claim this game is capable of supporting a 50 man battle royale mode lol


Perhaps an influx of Christmas Noobs crowding the servers.

It struggles to support 50 players worldwide.


The micro-teleporting has been terrible for a few days now, it even makes solo Horde virtually unplayable.
Never mind, I’ve got plenty of games that I’ve put on hold until I complete Op2 (maybe a week or so to go depending on daily ToD stars).
I won’t be back for Op3 - I returned to see if things would be better in Op2… and they blew it!

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That game is based on a mix between dedicated servers and hosting… Thats thé reason why every game modes féels différent…

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Everything is on dedicated servers, according to TC.

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The Azure servers from MS are fine for other games, I believe it’s just TC’s subpar netcode that’s acting up. Majority of the time they can’t update the game without breaking something else.


It’s getting worse played one game yesterday,andfew days in this past week tryed hitting with my gnasher no damage to opponents ,but they could kill me,horde is another,so I won’t be lucky to get that character sadly.:cry:

Didn’t get a chance to play yesterday, but so far today I haven’t been put into a game below 70ping and the stutter stepping is rampant.

I played a match of KotH tonight and it seemed to run perfectly fine for the first 3 minutes or so. But as soon as that time passed the shots began to do nothing. A Longshot to the head of a stationary enemy didn’t even net me a hitmarker.

Oh well, I guess it’s a typical Saturday on Gears. Constant lag issues despite the low ping. :man_facepalming:

Edit: The next match, which was 2v2, every shot did 40% damage even when theirs could do 100%. Yeah, tonight is straight trash.

Similar-ish experience tonight, being getting a lot of one pellet hitmakers which would be fine if it wasn’t the center pellet being shown. Been seeminly put back onto the appropriate servers, but still hasn’t changed the stuttering.

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