FFA Ranking System Suggestion

I know this mode is not ranked and I don’t see it becoming ranked anytime soon, if ever. I understand why that is, I just came up with a suggestion I wanted to share with the community, this is not what I expect to happen, it is merely an idea I got and wanted to share it.

I understand the problem they have with it, not only with the elo system, but with how unique it is compared to every other mode. First of all, we know the current system is being scrapped anyways and a new one is being worked on, but of course FFA would still need it’s own unique rules no matter what you did, just with the nature of it.

My suggestion is simply dividing the pack in half and gaining or losing a set amount of tier points based on the spot you finished in, with the points being mirrored. I understand that isn’t perfect by any means, it has it’s own flaws. It isn’t based on k/d or score, yet it is. Your k/d and score is what decides what place you fall in, score really only being a tie breaker, least I think that’s how ties are settled if I’m not mistaken. That said yea your k/d isn’t directly reflecting what you get, but obviously it is also how you get your place, so it still basically is. The downside that to it, for perfect example would be you win a game 30-0, you’re still going to gain the same amount if you had gone 30-20. I can see why that would upset people tbh, but with the uniqueness of FFA, I still think it’s the fair compromise to keep the system simple without complicating it. I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree with it, it’d be odd if they did, this is merely a suggestion and a discussion.

I have more to say about it and more problems to discuss, but I have also mocked up an example to go along with my suggestion, so I will continue afterwards. Bare in mind it is only an example…

  1. +500 Tier Points
  2. +400 Tier Points
  3. +300 Tier Points
  4. +200 Tier Points
  5. +150 Tier Points
  6. +100 Tier Points
  7. +50 Tier Points
  8. -50 Tier Points
  9. -100 Tier Points
  10. -150 Tier Points
  11. -200 Tier Points
  12. -300 Tier Points
  13. -400 Tier Points
  14. -500 Tier Points

Now again, the points I used is only an example, of course they are up for debate or discussion. I personally like it, cause if you win all 5 of your Placement games, which isn’t likely, yes I know people win multiple games in a row on FFA all the time, but that’s also quickplay with the same lobbies, in Ranked you’re likely to be playing different people each game. None the less, for arguments sake, say you do win all 5 of your placements, you’re going to come out of placements with 2,500. Highest I’ve been on 5 is Gold 2 (barring that lol “Masters” in Gridiron hiccup) but I believe that’s somewhere between Gold 2 and Gold 3 range if I’m not mistaken, correct me if I’m wrong. Regardless I think that’s a pretty fair cap to start at on your placements IMO.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, yea losing 500 points would hurt, but at the same time, it’s Ranked, you should be striving to climb them ranks. If you’re not the best player, nor have the desire to be the best player, there’s no harm in that, there’s no harm or judgement if you rather just keep playing the quickplay version.

You have other issues to think about as well, first of all the glaring elephant, my system works for 14 players, but do you always have 14 players? Currently you can load into a game that doesn’t have 14 players, but that’s also quickplay, obviously with Ranked rules you’re always going to start a 14 player game, or else it will dissolve. However, you will have quitters, that’s going to happen for sure. I simply suggest the points remain the same though… someone quits, it just means you won’t have to worry about losing the max amount anymore. Say you have 7 people quit, I highly doubt you will, yea I’ve seen that many in regular team modes, one person leaves, everyone starts dropping like dominoes, but that’s team modes, you don’t have to worry about someone leaving dragging you down in FFA now do you? So I highly doubt you see 7 people drop out in a single Ranked FFA game, but for arguments sake say you do, I still say it’s safe to keep the system, even though “last place” still gains points in that scenario, way I see it, they are being rewarded for sticking it out when half of the players quit.

In that same grain I would suggest you handle quitters by still giving them the points, as in if someone quits a full 14 game lobby, they get that 14th place score, 2nd person to quit gets the 13th place score, ect. It sucks for people who genuinely lag out, but it would be a worthy sacrifice to keep quitters in check for trying to just quit out of a bad game they are having, trying to get 0 points instead of negative.

Another issue I could see from this system, is the possibility of overloading Masters. You get players good enough, they will have no problem finishing top 7 a vast majority of the time, thus always gaining points. I can’t fix that problem, only one thing could fix that problem, which is them to fix the Match Making (playing the properly ranked people). If that was working, then it would solve itself, if you got a lobby with 14 Masters Players, then 7 of them are going to be losing points regardless. You could even take it a step further if they had a PROPER Match Making system by having Placement-Gold using a similar system as above with Onyx and Diamond players using a slighly higher point system and Masters using the highest. That last one would really help keep Masters from overloading, your best of the best would keep their spot secure, while the latter half is fighting hard to stay in it.

Of course what happens if they do fix the match making, but it’s like 4 and you’re actually facing people within a tier or 2 of you not just your tier, which would still work fine I think. Break it down simpler, you’re a Masters player playing in a lobby full of diamonds… you’re stuck fighting for the Onyx/Diamond scoring system, but that’s fine because odds are you’re probably a low Masters player I would assume. Just means you have to make sure you finish top 7 so you’re not losing points, so you can keep your spot, works the same for a low Onyx players playing against a bunch of Golds. On the flip side I think it works even better. You’re a high Gold 3 player playing against a bunch of Onyx’s, so you’re playing on the Onyx/Diamond scoring system. If you manage to get near the top in a game as a Gold player against a bunch of Onyxes, I’d say that’s a promotion you’ve earned.

That last bit with the three different scoring systems is a bit too complicated probably, merely a suggestion ontop of my suggestion to help prevent the possibility of overloading the top, reality is that last bit could ONLY work if/when they fixed their matchmaking.

None the less this topic went on way further than I expected, but I wanted to get all my points across. Like I said, I don’t expect everyone to agree with anything I just said, it’s merely a suggestion and a discussion. Feel free to discuss how you please, friendly I would hope. I did my part, I got the ball rolling.