FFA please! Partition!

For the love of god can we get this, thanks from a concerned vet. Maybe if we get enough replies they will add it ! Come on gear heads !

If Wingman is hard for them to do, I am sure FFA too.
Maybe not in Gears 4, Maybe in Gears 5, Let’s just hope!

I would welcome this mode in social, but not ranked. It doesn’t belong there

what was difficult about wingman?

I think Gears 4 wasn’t developed to have 4 teams/no teams to have wingman or FFA

What’s up guys! Let’s discuss this way to get on our beloved franchise

Hell naw, the battle royale hype has already died down, it definitely doesn’t belong in Gears. There’s also been plenty of these threads that have been made discussing this. @EVIL_0NE


No absolutely not…go play Fortnite or the new COD when it comes out…Mods please delete this thread


No! battle royale is terrible


Isnt Battle Royale and Free aFor All two different things?

One is a genre and the other is a game mode.

I would love to see Gears Battle Royale which makes use alot of lore. But realistically wont ever happen. Though, I can see Free for All being in the next game imo.

I just want free for all one weapon tuning more and better servers in gears 5 what you guys think

A hard no. This wouldn’t fit in Gears, both gameplay and lore wise. Battle Royale has enough contenders at the moment, and we’ve still got CoD and Battlefield joining the mix here shortly.

Died down? Didn’t Epic just turn a BILLION dollars with Fortnite? (Edit; they are on-track to make 3.5 B this year according to Forbes). I would be surprised if MS didn’t give TC direct orders to integrate a BattleRoyal mode.

Personally, I’d welcome just about anything to strengthen the series. I can’t even get a VS lobby with 50% US players. I want to see the franchise living again and if you have to make other modes to attract a new crowd, by all means. The inevitable problem is that it would be graphically weak with limited textures in order to support the workload on the Xbox One. Also, Fortnite servers and hit registration in BR are awful. So, I may or may not even play it but if it brings fans, we need it.

Lol at the kids who think FFA is battle royale. #facepalm

It has nothing to with battle royal younge
It is first to 25 or something like that