FFA player reduction

Does anyone know the reason for the player reduction for FFA from 14 to 8? I personally liked the larger amount of people.

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Probably called map size.

Not that I think FFA belongs in Gears anyway.

Reduces search time and allows FFA to play on the normal maps. Hopefully it works as good as it sounds.

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Yeah, I’m not sure either. It seemed fine at 14. I guess some people have trouble getting matches. Maybe I get lucky the times I go on. Most modes seem busy to me in the evening. Also, alot of people were complaining it was too hard to get a win. Maybe if you go 8, then the chances of getting a win are much higher. We’ll see.

They should have FFA with just one person. I bet I could get MVP :blush:


To allow for the use of more common maps as well as to tackle long matchmaking times.

That’s about it.

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FFA TC been TC all they do is nerf