FFA needs 10 second respawn clock, not 5, and more

This state of ffa is just really sloppy. I feel like you never get a seconds rest to even capture a power weapon before someone respawns behind you to quickly get an easy kill. So many times in blood drive a bunch of players will fight at center and a respawned player coming down the stairs gets an easy behind shot kill , they basically just do the same move every time, they spam running the same spots were the pile on activities happen the most. There is no punishment for dying because in just 5 seconds your back to randomly try the same thing again and throw caution in the air.

There is basically almost no point to picking up power weapons, just use the gnasher and roadie run till you get the back and rinse and repeat. These settings are meant to reward players who put no thought to gameplay, its a kamikaze approach , or the guy who uses a computer mouse just wall bounces all over the place to get a quads while the excellent sniper guy can even pick players off cause he’s got no where or even enough time to camp somewhere.

One last thing is players respawning in convenient spots near power weapons, all respawns should happen from a farther distance than any major power weapons, those weapons should be earned not given.

These are a few things i think would bring credibility to ffa.

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